I was looking through past blogs and blog titles, trying to make sure I didn’t repeat myself for my next post. After I went back a few pages, I realized that we have quite a few posts on the Christmas Show. I also realized that some of you might not know that! So, at this two-week mark, I thought I’d gather some of those and link them for you, so you can have all the fun and advice on ONE page! I gathered as much as I thought I could, but it would be a good idea to cruise through some of the older posts to see what you can find!

About the Christmas Show/Show Prep

IT’S HERE by Janelle

Bigger is Better by Paula

Knocking Out the Nemesis by Janelle 

Finally a Figure Skater by Janelle

T-Minus 6 Weeks by Breanna

Tips and Advice

Advice Before The Show by Paula

Show Tips by Paula

Show Day! by Paula

Show Attitude is Everything by Breanna

Time to Get Show Ready by Breanna

A Peek in My Show Bag by Breanna

Christmas Show Jitters and Advice by Breanna

One Month Left-What Should You Do? by Breanna

Christmas Show Recaps

Circus Christmas Show Recap by Paula

Christmas Show Wrap-Up by Paula

Christmas Show Memories by Breanna

That’s a lot of information and advice! Next year the list will be much bigger, so stay tuned! Happy reading! 😀