Our outstanding instructors train for six months to achieve all 132+ hours of Aerial Dance Instructor Certifications, obtain a nationally accredited fitness certification, and a pole/aerial specific certification before teaching our students. They train three hours every week to improve their skills and spotting techniques and give up many weekends to learn new tricks and techniques from guest instructors.

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To say the Aerial Dance Instructors’ dedication is impressive is an understatement. These women are the heart and soul of this company – their constant pursuit of knowledge makes Aerial Dance an exceptional place to learn.


Dr. Paula Brusky is the founder of Aerial Dance. Paula was introduced to Pole Exercise in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. A recipient of the Endeavor Postgraduate Research Award, Paula received a Ph.D. at the University of Sydney, was college professor and professional musician before starting Aerial Dance. In addition to running two successful studios in Appleton & Green Bay, Paula is the co-owner of Pole Studio Manager, a scheduling and studio management software. Outside of entrepreneurship, Paula plays bassoon in a local rock symphony, loves to hike and water ski and has spent more than 16,000 minutes under the sea scuba diving.


Leah attended her first pole class on a whim and has been hooked ever since. She joined the Aerial Dance team in 2011 and now holds multiple fitness certifications including: a Group Fitness Certification through AFAA; beginner and intermediate pole instruction certifications through ETEDance; Biomechanics and Safety for Aerial Fitness through O.C. Pole AV; and numerous certifications from Aerial Dance.


Kim took her first pole class in early 2014 after hearing about it from an acquaintance, and never looked back.  With an extensive background in both dance and competitive cheerleading, pole gave her a way to work out that was challenging, and that she was excited about doing again!  She instantly loved being at the studio and the positive atmosphere created there.  Kim is now a co-owner and manager of the Green Bay location, and holds multiple certifications from different places where she has trained.  She is also a certified USPSF competition judge which comes in handy when helping to train the many women who choose to compete.  Kim loves traveling and performing with the studio’s performance team, as well as helping train and prepare to perform. When she isn’t at the studio, she is snuggling her dogs, or working in her flower beds!


Kelly enjoyed being a member of a dance team in high school and college. She stayed active in dance by coaching a club team in Cedarburg for 10 years and assisted the St. Norbert College Dance Team. Kelly joined Aerial Dance in 2013 as a member and has loved it from the start. Through the Aerial Dance Instructor training program she has numerous fitness and pole qualifications and is a group fitness certification from AFAA. Outside of the studio Kelly loves being a formulation scientist at Kimberly Clark and ballroom dancing with her husband. In 2017, Kelly won the Judge’s Choice award at Dancing with Our Stars, a fundraiser for Northeastern American Red Cross.


Chrissy tried pole for the first time in the fall of 2014 and completely fell in love with the sport. She enjoys pushing herself to try new things and to step out of her comfort zone. With a background in fitness, Aerial Dance has given Chrissy a way to challenge her strength and normal workout routine. Chrissy holds multiple Aerial Dance certifications, is a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor, and holds a Personal Training Certificate through the International Sports Sciences Association. When Chrissy is not at the studio she fills her time as a Personal/Group Trainer and Manager in central Wisconsin.


Lynn took her first pole class in fall of 2015 and fell in love with Aerial Dance. With an extensive dance background in ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, and competitive ballroom dancing; Aerial Dance was the perfect fit. The aerial arts combines strength, grace, and elegance to create beautiful shapes and lines, fitting perfectly into her style. She has a Group Fitness Certification through AFAA. In addition to teaching at Aerial Dance, Lynn is a manager at a fortune 500 company. When she is not working or on the dance floor, you will find Lynn with her family or in her flower beds.


Alison took her first aerial class Summer of 2015 as she missed dance and wanted a fun way to work out. She quickly fell in love with the aerial apparatuses and later tried pole, too! Along with the extensive Aerial Dance apparatus and fitness training, Alison is a certified group fitness instructor through AFAA and specifically trained in silks with Paper Doll Militia. Along with instructing at Aerial Dance, Alison is a music teacher, and dog mom!


A lifelong lover of dance, Amanda discovered Aerial Dance when Googling dance fitness classes in 2015 and quickly fell in love with all things aerial. She was new to the Fox Cities, and the welcoming and friendly community of strong women at Aerial Dance soon became a second family. Amanda became an instructor in 2018 and holds AFAA Group Fitness and XPert Pole Fitness Professional Teacher certifications. Amanda’s experiences include performing at Aerial Dance events and competing at Pole Sport Organization’s Central Pole Championships. Outside of Aerial Dance, Amanda is a trainer at a local insurance company specializing in developing talent and helping others achieve their career goals. While Amanda loves so many aspects of the aerial arts, her favorite is having the opportunity for creative expression and sharing her passion through movement.


Sara came to Aerial Dance on a whim in January 2017 and found a form of exercise she wanted to stick with. She tried the Aerial Arts and fell in love with hoop because she felt beautiful and graceful. Sara became an instructor in 2018 and is Certified as a lyra instructor with CirqFit, as well as countless hours of in-house training. She loves seeing her students grow and find themselves through Aerial Dance. In her free time she saves all furry critters as a Certified Veterinary Technician and pet momma.


Alyssa took her first pole class through Aerial Dance in 2015 and has been hooked on all things aerial ever since. She is a current student in the Kinesiology program at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and nearing completion of her Kinesiology degree with an emphasis in Exercise and Fitness. Alyssa holds a level one-pole instructor certification through ElevatED pole training. When she’s not at the studio, you can find her outdoors, or reading a book with her cats.


Cybil found Aerial Dance when she wanted to find a fun workout and make some friends after moving to Wisconsin! She started as a pole member in April of 2016 and quickly fell in love with the sport. A few months later she took an Intro to Aerial class and the rest is history! She currently holds a Group Fitness Certification from AAFA as well as a Level 1 Pole Certification from ElevatED. She has also logged numerous hours training with the Aerial Dance team. She looks forward to sharing her love of this sport with other women and encouraging them to find their strength and believe their beauty! Outside of Aerial Dance she works as a labor and delivery nurse.


After three years of thinking about taking classes, Amber made the choice to become a student in July 2018, with a background in fitness time in professional water ski show teams, Amber was a part of water ski teams for several years. Amber was a part of  dance team in high school, and participated in other activities like yoga, and kickboxing as apart of her work out routine. Amber wants to make someone’s world better, help make their dreams a reality, in any small way she can, either mentally, physically or emotionally.


Kelli fell in love with Aerial Silks watching a circus performance around 2008. During that performance she promised herself – she didn’t know how, but – someday, she was going to do THAT! She began her Aerial journey in April of 2018 after a decade of waiting for the right studio and right time. That first Silks class changed her life and led her to try each apparatus – falling in love each time. She became a part of the Aerial Dance Performance Team in 2019 and gained even more passion for aerial performance. Kelli joined the Aerial Dance Instructor team in January 2020 and is thrilled to be able to share her knowledge and joy with the students of Aerial Dance. She is also a Board Certified Massage Therapist, practicing for over 19 years.
Outside of the studio and massage practice, Kelli is a mom to her two children, and she and her husband work very hard maintaining the family ‘homestead’ where their skills are constantly challenged and growing.
Kelli says, “Try new things, don’t wait any longer, let go of those excuses. It will be the BEST DECISION of your life!”


Niki attended her first pole class in early 2013, when she finally got up the courage after months of driving past the studio. She fell in love with the sport of pole and the unique, fun, and welcoming atmosphere of Aerial Dance Pole Exercise LLC. She holds a Group Fitness Certification through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, level one and two Aerial Yoga certifications through Flying Buddha Fitness, and multiple pole certifications through Aerial Dance Pole Fitness LLC. In addition to instructing at Aerial Dance, Niki is a teacher and enjoys sharing her love of art with her students in local schools.


Brittyni was an international professional figure skater who desperately missed performing. She joined Aerial Dance in the fall of 2018 in hopes to find another sport she could express herself with. She was immediately hooked and fell in love with hoop. Her passion for aerial arts expanded as she tried each apparatus the studio has to offer. Brittyni has extensive experience with dance and fitness through her skating training and is also a certified personal trainer through ACE. When Brittyni is not spinning upside down at the studio, she is coaching figure skating, running her accessories business and Etsy store, along with being a photographer.


Erin took her first pole class in July 2018 after an old friend asked her to try it out together. Erin had long since stopped going to a regular gym because she found it didn’t hold her interest and didn’t present the kind of challenge she needed to stay engaged. After experiencing how fun pole was and gaining strength and confidence, she took the intro to aerial class and fell even more in love with all the studio has to offer. Outside of the studio, Erin works in
accounting, is a dog mom, and enjoys traveling and cooking.


One year after moving to Wisconsin, Kiana worked up the courage to sign up for her first beginner pole term in September 2019. You will always find her on the dance floor. She taught dance fitness classes as her college side hustle. She fell in love with aerial because of how strong she felt after taking classes, both mentally and physically. After getting to know the instructors and students, she could not get enough of the amazing sisterhood found at the studio. Her commitment to women empowerment extends outside the studio and into her journey to becoming a physician. She hopes to further advocate for women to be comfortable in their own bodies and take up the space they deserve.


Tessa took her first silks class in 2019 after admiring and lusting over the talent she watched in countless circus performances growing up. Immediately she fell in love with the amazing & fun workout, the uplifting atmosphere of the studio, and the ability to constantly be challenged and
have something new to work toward—something “normal” gyms don’t quite have. As a tap dancer since the age of 4, Aerial Dance was another unique avenue of dance she needed in her life. When not upside down at the studio, Tessa is road tripping & traveling, hanging out with her cats, playing board games, or volunteering her graphic design skills for a
local no-kill shelter.



Ana took her first pole class at Aerial Dance in 2016 when she was looking for a better fitness routine. It was not only fun but challenging in an incredibly welcoming space. She was hooked instantly and soon started playing on all of the aerial apparatuses. She even stepped out of her
comfort zone and competed in two different pole competitions. When not at the studio, she teaches orchestra to elementary and middle school students, plays harp, and plays board games at home with her family.


Ashley started at Aerial Dance back in October of 2018. She started with the first Green Bay open house and instantly signed up for the following beginner pole term. She needed a place that she could be herself, and a place that would build the confidence she knew was inside. Physical fitness was never her strong suit growing up, but now it is something she can’t live without. The instructors and the community are what kept her coming back. Pole and Lyra are
her favorites, but each presents its own challenges that she loves. When she’s not at the studio she is hanging out with her cat, and reading anything she can get her hands on.


Steph joined Aerial Dance in 2018 because she wanted to try something different. After seeing some upper level students doing some incredible conditioning, she knew it was where she needed to be long term. She quickly fell in love with pole and how strong it made her feel. Her favorite tricks (on any apparatus) involve anything that make her feel like a “beast.” She loves
the Aerial Dance community and seeing women support each other as they try new things. Outside of the studio, you’ll find her spending time with her family and their crazy bearded puppy.


Dan is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and also a Certified Athletic Trainer through the National Athletic Trainers Association. He graduated from UW-Stevens Point with an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training and completed his Masters Degree in General Education. Throughout his journey he discovered how important quality movement is in performance, both with athletes and the general population. Whether the goal is sports performance or enjoying everyday life, efficient movement is key. Dan’s training methods are deeply rooted in constantly analyzing body mechanics to improve movement efficiency and decrease any pain that might be due to dysfunction. He truly cares about improving the lives of each individual and educating during the training session so each person can better understand their body, mind and spirit.


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