Aerial Dance brought the Aerial Arts and aerial yoga to Appleton, Wisconsin in 2014 with our gorgeous aerial studio housing poles, aerial hammocks, lyra/hoops, and silks. Class curricula change daily so you always get new challenge and exciting workout!

Our class sizes are intentionally small – pre-registration is required before attending to ensure you have an apparatus.

Aerial classes can be taken as a “drop-in” for $25, or buy a 5-class punch card for $100.  Want to come often? Take 4 or 8 classes a month at a discounted rate with a Fitness Membership or become an Aerial Member for 6 or 12 months for HUGE savings and unlimited classes!

Not sure where to start? Try an “Intro To Aerial” class! This 90-minute one-time $35 class will give you a taste of Hammock, Hoop and Silks!

Aerial Classes
Hammock Fit

Use an Aerial Hammock to gain strength and flexibility. With elements of “Aerial Yoga” and “TRX” this fantastic workout improves balance and increases muscle tone. No Prerequisites! 

Hammock Fun

Fun is a hammock class that starts with a “Fit” workout, then “Fly” through a tricks sequence and stretch out your tired muscles with “Flexy”. Attend as your first hammock class or as your daily fabric class! No Prerequisites! 

Hammock Flexy

Use an Aerial Hammock to increase your flexibility. Incorporate deep stretching in basic inverts, as well as in-depth leg and hip stretching using the hammock as a tool. This is our version of “Aerial Yoga”. No Prerequisites! 

Silks Foundation

Start to learn silks!  Learn basic climbs, holds, multiple ways to enter straddle back and lots of cool tricks.  Increase your grip and upper body strength while defying gravity. Prerequisite: take “Intro to Aerial” before registering for this class.

Co-Ed Hammock
This class is Co-Ed, Men and Women will use an Aerial Hammock to gain strength and flexibility. Similar in style to our “Fabric Fit” class, both genders will infuse elements of “Aerial Yoga” and “TRX” for a fantastic workout. Improve balance and increase muscle tone while also allowing complete customization thanks to the hammock apparatus. No Prerequisites!
Hoop Foundation

Wrap yourself around a steel Aerial Hoop while performing beautiful sequences. In this class you’ll learn basic mounts, transitions, spins and lots of gorgeous poses. Improve your flexibility, balance, and upper body strength while spinning in the air. Prerequisite: take “Intro to Aerial” before registering for this class.

Hoop Skills

Take your Hoop Foundation skills into more advanced skills, tricks and drops! This advanced hoop class is fast paced to challenge you with multiple entries and exits from moves and creative transitions. Prerequisite: instructor permission