I just learned that my mother and my grandparents (her parents) are going to come to this year’s Christmas Show. I’m excited and nervous! This is my fourth show, and the first time I’ll ever perform with them in the crowd! Now that I know that, and that the Christmas Show is a little over 3 weeks away, this is how I feel right now:
giphy (6)
I don’t have the routine completely memorized yet, I forget stuff most of the way through, I look like a drunk rag doll trying to dance….. agh! My routine is with a group, and we’re dancing to Smooth Criminal. Let me tell you, I am not smooth, and my terrible dance moves ought to be criminal.
Alas, I must fake it ’till I make it, and keep reminding myself of the advice I give others:
There’s a good chance you could mess up–embrace it. It is difficult, if not downright impossible, to dance and do the tricks perfectly for 2 minutes straight. There is a very good chance that something will go wrong–you’re human for goodness sake. Once you embrace that a mistake is likely to happen, it takes a little pressure off. The only one that knows your routine is you (and/or your group). I keep telling my group that if I mess up or I forget something, I’m just going to break out body waves or booty shaking, anything to keep moving. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. 🙂
Everyone coming to this show fits in two categories–both of which are beneficial. This show is open only to friends and family of students and instructors at Aerial Dance. This means that someone in the audience is either 1) someone who knows almost nothing about pole and everything looks cool to them and they cheer for you or 2) a fellow student or an instructor, who know how hard it is to be you right now and are cheering loudly for you. Win-Win. Don’t be afraid of these people out there–they already think you’re awesome. 🙂
Have fun! This is the most  Important part. You like pole, right? And you have fun doing it, right? You know the answers to those questions is yes. SO, my friend, have fun out there! One way to have fun is to play the part that you’re dancing.  I know it’s sound odd, playing a part, but trust me. It’ll work. If you’re not going to channel, then, for goodness sake, SMILE! I know you’re having fun! 🙂
So, my pole friends, are you pumped for “Circus?” 🙂