Your happiness is worth everything!

My name is Trista. And let me just say, 2019 has been a whirlwind for me. I joined Pole Class because dancing with women who have similar end goals helped give me something to look forward to in all the dark times. It’s hard when you have children and nobody to...

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My Body. My Choice.

My Choice.... Or So We Wish I struggled whether to write this blog or not, but I just can't keep it in any longer. I am tired of being told by others how I can celebrate and appreciate my body. Recently, I was selected by a local photographer to be boudoir model for...

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Why I started at Aerial Dance

I started taking classes at Aerial Dance because I was doing competitive ballroom dancing and wanted to get stronger, without bulking up.  I was also friends with Instructor Chrissy and saw some of the photos she was posting and I was like, OMG….. I want to do...

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No Judgement Zone

I remember feeling really nervous on my first day of my first class because I didn’t know what to expect. I thought to myself, “what if I’m terrible and people are judgemental?” But when I left after the first day was finished, I left feeling really happy with my...

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This is a business…

This is a blog that I've thought about writing a million times but always chickened out. At Aerial Dance I have worked REALLY hard to create a community. I wanted a sanctuary where women felt safe and taken care of. I wanted a sisterhood where women felt they...

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She Truly is a Bendy Babe!

Who is this Bendy Babe I speak of? It is none other than our New Instructor Alyssa! Over the summer I was lucky enough to have dinner with Instructor Alyssa to know her a little bit better! Talking/interviewing new instructors is one of my favorite things to do! It is...

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Being Fearless

Don’t fear failure. Pole class is not an easy thing to conquer! You have to defeat the challenges, gain the strength, and stay headstrong. If anything, you should fear being in the same exact position tomorrow, as you are today. Every time you go to a class at Aerial...

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Starting My Pole Journey

My pole journey started for the same reasons as many others at the studio I’ve talked to.  I needed a new way to work out that I looked forward to, not dread.  I had tried gym memberships, and things but it was always more of a chore to go.  I never got...

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Surrounding Myself with Beauty

When things change around you, things change inside of you! My world fell apart this year and I recently moved from Milwaukee to the Fox Valley as a single mother with no family. I was in search of a hobby to keep me distracted from the hardships in my life. The hobby...

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