It’s here! It’s finally show day! I cannot wait to see all the amazing, inspiring women of Aerial Dance perform!!!!!
A few things to remember dancers:

  1. You’re amazing. You’ve put in a TON of work in to get to today. You have sacrificed a lot (including¬†skin) to be on stage. Every minute you spent preparing brought you here and you ARE ready. So when you perform, enjoy it. If it “went better in the dress rehearsal” who cares. This is just ONE performance in your journey and if the performance in front of the audience isn’t your absolute most best-est ever, then it isn’t. And that’s ok. What is more important is that you recognize all the steps you took to get to the stage and they you enjoy being on the stage and sharing all your work. This is a celebration wrapped in a performance! Don’t forget to celebrate how awesome you are!
  2. SMILE! Point your toes! SMILE! If something doesn’t go as you hoped, the audience is there to support you so keep on going. The only way 99% of them will know something didn’t go well is if you run off the stage crying, so don’t do that. Seriously though, the audience really has no idea what they are looking at so anything you do is impressive to them so smile, enjoy it, and when you’re done, BOW and thank them with your smile for being there.
  3. Drink lots of water today so you can point your toes without cramps. And eat something! Lightheaded on pole is bad!
  4. After the show, enjoy the party. Stay, eat, drink, dance and celebrate with your Aerial Dance family. We are so insanely proud of you. It takes a LOT of guts to walk on stage in front of 400 people and dance. Even more guts when you are wearing a costume that may show more skin then you do in regular life. Even more guts when this isn’t something you do all the time. You are amazing for taking the risk to be part of the show and I cannot wait to celebrate you and how amazing you are at the Holiday party after!