The Christmas Show is fast approaching! This weekend I had the utter JOY of watching routines rehearse. I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of every woman performing. The time and creativity they are putting in this year is going to make this the highest quality show yet!
So what tips to pass on at this point? Here are few:

  • If you don’t have the trick EVERY TIME (or at least 90%) you do it by now, change it. The audience doesn’t care what choreography you planned. They honestly won’t be able to tell if you enter or exit a move differently than your group. What the audience will be able to tell is if you stop. So make sure that any trick that is in the “grey zone” and you aren’t getting every time, change it! It is WAY BETTER to have a routine where you can nail every move than one where you have a move that you only get 50% of the time. Keep working on that move and put it in your routine next year. 🙂
  • Practice your routine in your head. Just listen to your song and think about what you’ll be doing in detail. Go through it in your head before bed. Practicing in your head is REALLY helpful!
  • DO NOT OVER TRAIN! Yes, you want to put on a good show. But no show is worth you over training, creating a wrist problem and then needing to take 6 months off. Seriously, listen to your body. You should NOT be doing pole daily. Pole is hard. Your body needs days off.
  • Cross train. This is a really great time to go for a swim. Or take a bendy class. Or a flexy class. Get a massage.
  • EAT. Please eat. Yes, we want to look good on stage, but you already do! So eat healthy. Your body NEEDS energy as you train. EAT.
  • Put things in perspective. This is not a professional show. No one (but you) is expecting your performance to be perfect. The audience is full of people who are excited to see you on your journey and wish you well. So get excited to share your performance with them.

I cannot wait for December 10th!