More than a Hobby

More than a Hobby

So let’s talk about Aerial Dance they say.  Well what they don’t tell you is that it is not just a hobby.  It is not just the nearest thing you pick up to get bored of later or something you will dread that you have decided to commit to.  I used to wake up...
More than a Hobby

Learning to Love ME

Over the course of starting my aerial journey, I have not only learned how to strengthen my body physically, but I have also learned how to change my mindset and push myself past the limits of what I would have normally found myself quitting at.  It has...
Instructor Training Log 3: Beginner Pole Teaching

Beginning My Instructor Log

I recently started my instructor training course and holy cow! I’m both really excited for the next chapter and also so nervous to learn everything! There’s so much that has to be covered and taught and while it feels daunting some days, I know it’s all going to be...