There’re TWO weeks left! Can you even believe it?! Yippee!
I’m so excited for the show. Our group has just filled in all the moves we want to do in our routine. It’s finally done! We need to balance the skills of four people and consider how we’ll feel at the end, so there was a lot of debate. We’re also putting the final touches on our costumes. Again, harder than it looks! We all have a bit different body types and we all have personal preferences. So, rather than match, we’re coordinating. Frankly, I think that the audience will be more concerned with our dancing and less concerned with the fact that our group doesn’t match. It’s all down to the fine details now and making sure we run the routine through a bit more to make it stick.
I’ve got ONE tip for you that I don’t think anyone has covered just yet: Practice your show flair and smiling! IRight now, we all have “concentration face.” There’s nothing innately wrong with that. It’s what we do. I’m telling you to add your show flair and smile now so that
1) It comes easier to you on show day because you have practiced it and
2) It helps routine practice feel less strenuous and more fun!
The closer it gets to the show, the more you’ll hear me say this. If I am watching your routine by happenstance, I will tell you to smile! If you happen to see me, go ahead and tell me to smile! Sometimes it’s hard to remember :). As for show flair, that’s really up to you. This is something I’ve gotten better at over the years. but it REALLY helps. Let me tell you why….
A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to do a solo at the Christmas Show. It was 30 seconds of Adrenalize Me by In This Moment. It’s a little bit…. sassy, shall we say. Thirty seconds isn’t very long, so I had to KILL it. An instructor, who’s now moved on, gave me some suggestions. To keep this blog PG, I’ll describe it like this: “love”-me eyes. I adopted these sassy eyes during my practices and definitely busted them out during the show.  My whole routine was as follows: I did a Twisted-Grip Hook to a Madonna backslide, climbed while doing a couple hair whips, embraced, and hit a Cross Ankle Recline. That’s all I remember anyways! I had a blast!
When the show was done, I had people telling me that they LOVED my routine. I had some tell me it was one of their favorite parts of the show. I was floored. It was just 30 seconds! I don’t mean to toot my own horn here; I mean to make a point. That show flair I talked about? It adds SO much soul to your routine! The audience can see when you’re enjoying yourself and having fun with your routine. Rather than fake it, just do it! This is your time to shine–smile, and have fun!