I am so excited to say that Christmas Show practice is well underway!!!!!!
Some of you may not be familiar with the Aerial Dance Christmas Show. The Christmas Show is a showcase of the wonderful students and instructors at Aerial Dance. The Christmas Show allows students of all abilities to participate. It is a great way to show your family and friends what it is that we do at Aerial Dance.
When I began at Aerial Dance, I was not familiar with the Christmas Show.  I had heard about it in the announcements after class, but was to shy to really ask about it. I have never in my life performed any kind of dance routine, nor did I think that I could. Christmas time came and went, I didn’t attend the Christmas show. As the year passed, Christmas came around again, I was more comfortable in my pole skin. I knew more about the Christmas show, so I decided to buy tickets! I bought two, one for me and one for my boyfriend. He unfortunately had a hunting banquet that day and could not attend with me. I had asked one of my friends to come. I was not sure if she would come, pole was not really her element. In the end she did agree to come! I was so excited!
We arrived at Tanner’s Bar and Grill at 2:45. There were cars parked everywhere!!!!! I told my friend that maybe we should have left a little earlier. Finding a parking spot was difficult. Take that as a FYI if you intend to go to the Christmas Show this year. Tanner’s Bar and Grill does an amazing job with hosting the Christmas show! They had plenty of staff to accommodate the large mass of people. My friend and I found a seat towards the back in middle. This spot ended up being perfect! We had an great view.
As the show began the instructors performed an opening routine which was incredible!!! The theme last year was circus, and all the instructors looked the part, hair, makeup, costumes, the whole nine yards!!! My friend looked at me as the instructors began doing doubles tricks and inverts! Her jaw just dropped. I told her that it was just getting started and she would be even more blown away as the instructors show cased their solo routines. The student routines were really great to watch also! It was so cool to see girls I knew from class up there on stage! I think that throughout the show my friend became a little annoyed, because I was like, “OMG did you just see her inside leg hand – prone – outside prone!  IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!” I don’t think she appreciated my commentary as much as someone who had taken pole would have,  Mind you, at that  time I was just venturing into advanced classes to learn inverts. I was a little in aw of these students and instructors who effortlessly inverted. When the show came to a close, I knew that the following year that it was a must for me to be in the show!!!!!
The theme for the Christmas show this year is Broadway! I am in the Advanced routine to the song Jukebox Hero/I love Rock and Roll from the Broadway show Rock of Ages. This routine has been choreographed by instructor Meegan. We have had two practices so far and they were awesome! If you think your regular class flies bye, the practices for the Christmas show seem to move at lightening speed! I have some really awesome girls in my group! It makes practice so much fun and we really support each other while practicing!
I have a few little sneak peaks that I am going to share with you today from our routine!!!!! In one of my sneak peaks Instructor Meegan and student Sarah are working out a part of the routine where one girl climbs up another girl into a Jordan. In the other sneak peak student Jessica and I are doing a double Sun Wheel! These sneak peaks aren’t perfect, this was only our second time practicing together. I look forward to sharing more with you as we continue to practice!

I am still a little nervous about perfecting and performing my part of the routine at this point. I am hoping that with more practice I will become more confident and comfortable. I am really looking forward to using the stage poles to get feel for them. Something about a pole that is not attached at the top to anything does quite sit right with me at the moment, but with all things it will take practice.
If the Christmas show is something you think that you might be interested in, I would highly recommend attending this years show. You will not be disappointed and I am sure that if you are like me and love pole, you will be in the 2017 Christmas show. I already know that I will be!
Here is the Facebook link for more information about the Christmas Show!
Until Next Time!