It’s three days before the big show! There is a lot of excitement and terror at the studio right now! I hear a lot girls talking about waking up with bad dreams and worrying if they’ll do well.  Here are few things to remember:

  1. You are not a professional dancer. No one expects you to be perfect. All the audience wants is to share your journey with you and support you! So do the best you can in the moment and be proud of yourself for getting out on stage and performing!
  2. This is supposed to be fun! So make it fun for you! Does that mean splurging on hair or make-up or a new outfit, great, do that. This is a celebration, so make sure you enjoy it! Laugh with the girls backstage, chat with your friends in the audience, and relish sharing how far you’ve come with them!!!!
  3. SLEEP. Seriously, make sure you sleep a lot the next few days, you’ll perform better if you’re fully rested.
  4. DRINK. Water that is. Drink a TON of water the next few days and especially the morning of the show. Not wanting to feel like you have to pee on show day is a bad reason to be dehydrated! Muscle cramps are WAY likely to happen if you aren’t hydrated. Your brain also becomes foggy when you don’t have enough water! So drink a LOT of water so you can point your toes pretty.
  5. POINT YOUR TOES. Please? 🙂
  6. When it’s over and you’ve performed, look for all the things you did right. No one but you will remember what didn’t go as well as it could, so don’t tell anyone what didn’t. Instead, focus on all that went right and be proud of yourself!!!!!

I’m nervous about performing too. So are all the instructors. We’re all in this together and we’re going to put on a fantastic show!!!!!  I can’t wait to see everyone perform and celebrate after!