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Can you believe the Christmas Show is ONE MONTH AWAY? That might sound like a long time, but we all know it will go by quicker than we think!
Here’s what you should be doing right now:
Buying tickets. For real. Don’t lolly-gag because this show SELLS OUT. Coordinate with your family and friends and get those tickets NOW.

See these lovelies? Guarantee there’s half (or less) left right now! (Photo courtesy Aerial Dance)

Finalizing/ getting comfortable with the routine. So,maybe you and/or your group are just so on-top-of-things that you’ve already got your routine all planned out and you’ve run it through–great! You’re ahead of the game! Perhaps you’re more like my group, where we know what we are doing, but are still working out the kinks. It’s not abnormal to still be finalizing your routine a month out, so breathe. Spend this week and next working out those kinks and really getting comfortable with your routine.
My group ran the first half of our routine tonight, and worked out the kinks as we went. We realized that we were trying to go too fast. We’ve lengthened the time for some moves, which is working in our favor. It might work in yours too! Sometimes we try to cram too much into two minutes. Also, don’t forget that it’s OK to make changes to your routine even as we get closer to the show. I was in an instructor-choreographed routine last year, and I made a modification to my 10-second “your choice” thing THE DAY OF and I lived. I don’t necessarily recommend changing last minute, but you need to do what’s best for you. Don’t ever feel like you’re stuck–it’s most important to be sure you’re comfortable as you dance!

See how I’m trying to land a handstand to get out of my layback? Added that when we rehearsed that morning. No joke.

Adjusting your practices and class schedule. As the show comes closer, you might find that you want to practice more. Be careful that you are not over-extending yourself. I know I have already said this, but it is SO easy to do, so I will repeat it. Now is not the time to get an injury. Be wise about how often you practice and how much effort you put into those practices, taking your classes into account too. You might need to relax just a liiiittle bit on your other aerial or conditioning classes, depending on how demanding your practice schedule is. Our group has gone from once a week to twice a week right now. Sometimes it’s only part of the group that can meet, but it’s better than nothing. Coordinating four schedules is hard!
Costumes. If you haven’t found your costume yet, make it a top priority. In-studio Dress Rehearsal is coming up next week, and you should really take advantage of the opportunity to dance on the stage poles IN your stage clothes! You might find that your cute top messes with your grip, or your fancy shorts just aren’t doing their job. The sooner you figure that out, the sooner you can adjust. The lovely Ms. Renee ordered herself and me some sequined shorts from Discount Dance, and they came in less than a week. That’s spec-freekin-tacular, but it’s not typical. You don’t want to be rushing last minute and then be uncomfortable during the show because you didn’t test-run your costume.
Also remember that, if you’re in a group, you can coordinate rather than match exactly. It still looks pretty cool, and might help your costume budget.
Our group is keeping the color scheme simple–black. What we’re doing beyond that, we haven’t quite decided for sure. I do love these ladies though, because they did factor my gifted bosom into the costume decision. I bring this up because if you are ta-ta gifted like I am, you definitely want to work on your show bra pronto. You need something that offers support AND coverage, and can still fit under your costume. I will probably use my uber-supportive Victoria Secret sports bra (something like this one) under a cheaper black pullover bra. I’m also seriously considering fashion tape for the show, for an extra layer of no-nipple-showing security. No matter your ta-ta size, it’s probably a consideration for you too. Dance with that stuff on before the show so you know how it affects you.
Get excited! It’s the freeking Aerial Dance Christmas show ON BROADWAY and you should be PUMPED because it is AWESOME. No Paula is not making me say this, I say this because it IS THE TRUTH 🙂 . Paula, the instructors, and their family and friends put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and time into making this a great show. It’s not only great for the audience, it’s great for the dancers! Since the audience is limited to those associated with the dancers, there is nothing but love in that room. It really is a safe place to have your first show or your sixth.
4 shows

2012-2013-2014-2015 Yes, I sneak an Embrace in wherever I can 🙂 That 2014 shot is still my fav!

Like I said in my a more recent post, this is show #5 for me. I have seen it go from a small affair into a huge event, and it has scaled wonderfully. Paula has done an AMAZING job and offering opportunities for ladies to dance as the studio has grown, and the instructors are phenomenal at offering their support throughout the process. I know the thought of performing has some people nervous–try and shake that off, because this is going to be a fun night!
I’m apprehensive, but I’M STILL SO GOSH DARN EXCITED. Aren’t you? 😀