Right now, Wednesdays are one of the longest days of the week.
I’m in class at 8AM, and I don’t leave the campus until 6PM. It’s nearly the hours of an average work day, but is waaaay more mentally exhausting than my day job. My day doesn’t end at 6PM though. I hop in my car, and make the 40 minute drive from Green Bay to the Aerial Dance studio for my weekly pole class at 7:05PM.
No big deal, right? Well, convincing myself to go to my pole class is one of the most difficult parts of my day. By the time I need to leave Green Bay, I am tired, mentally exhausted, and ready to go home to a glass of wine and my work for the four group projects that stand between me and graduation before passing out (yes, I would much rather watch Netflix, but duty calls). The last thing I feel like doing is expending any physical energy.
I’m sure your day is different than mine, but I bet you’ve faced a similar situation. You do love love love your pole classes, but you just don’t know if you can muster up the gusto and show up to class or any other aerial or fitness endeavor that you signed up for. It’s been a long day, and you’re ready to be done. The four hour pre-class cancellation limit does help, but some days, the motivation just isn’t there.
If you’re struggling too, here’s my tips for you:
Consider changing times. Picking the right class time for your body is crucial.  I understand that this can be hard. If you’re used to going on a certain night and seeing a particular group of pole friends, it can be difficult to change classes. Work, hobbies, children, and all sorts of other commitments can limit your ability to switch classes too.  What is important to focus on in this situation is your body, and how it is affected by your day. Does your body react well to morning exercise, or do you do better at night? If there are open poles (or hoops, hammocks, or silks), go ahead and test out a different time of the day. You may find, to your surprise, you handle different time frame better. If your body feels better, you may feel more motivated for class.
Set a goal to work towards. This is an oldie, but a goodie. Pick a SMART pole/fitness/aerial goal, make a reasonable plan, and work towards it. Don’t just pick any goal though, choose something that excites and drives you. If I were to set a SMART pole goal right now, I would focus on my kick-up into my Brass Monkey or becoming stronger in my Jordan. Now that I think about it, I should probably set up these goals, because I’ll be pretty stoked once I accomplish both of them! I did just cite two inverts, but you can set goals for any aerial shenanigan. Janelle was working on Figure Skater (it’s hard!) as a goal, and you can click here for her latest progress! If you’re unsure about how to set a SMART pole/aerial/fitness goal, talk to Paula or one of the instructors, and they can help you work out a plan.

Breanna - Layback

When I was introduced to the Cross Ankle Recline, it was my goal to nail it. This is a picture of me the DAY I was cleared. Anyone who has me in class now knows you can’t get me to stop doing this! hehe 🙂

Get an accountability partner. Paula has talked about this before, and continues to recommend it. I have not yet utilized this system, but I do know that it is an effective way to stay on track, as I have heard a number of success stories. Perhaps you go to classes with a friend or have made a friend. They would be a great person to ask! If you don’t feel comfortable asking a pole friend (sad! 🙁 ), you could still ask a close friend that you know will keep you honest. This accountability partner can be a pole fanatic or know nothing at all–the point is that you remain accountable to someone for your attendance. If you try to “fall off,” your partner can encourage you to go. This blog has become a sort of accountability partner for me. I need to contribute more regularly than I have in the past. In order to come up with blog post ideas, I need to go to class :).
Just go. If nothing else, adopt the Nike motto and “just do it.” If you’re sick or injured, it is certainly in your best interest to stay home. If you are neither of these things, go. If you really are having a physically off-night, tone down your intensity. If you’re in a bad mood, do twice as much conditioning. No matter how you feel, I can guarantee with almost 100% certainty that you will leave the studio feeling MUCH better. Even on nights that I do not feel up to it, I go. When I leave, I am full of endorphins and pole happiness (there is such a thing, and you know it), and the world is right again. I have never, ever regretted going to class. I have, more often than not, regretted skipping!
Life does happen, and sometimes, you need to miss a class. That’s OK. Schedule yourself a make-up time and get right back on schedule! Don’t deny yourself the happiness, fitness, and general awesomeness that occurs when you take an Aerial Dance class!