People take fitness class for a whole bunch of reasons but one of the most important is that someone is there to hold you accountable. If you are signed up for an 8-week Pole Class and you miss a week, the ladies in your class are going to ask you where you were. If you know that people are expecting you, you show up.
People hire personal trainers for the same reason. They could have a trainer design their curriculum with a lesson or two then workout alone. But they don’t, they keep paying the trainer week after week because they need the person standing next to them to do the workouts. It’s human nature to need a task master.
But I’m a fitness instructor. Clearly I’m motivated. Right?
No. A world of no. I thought that I could do it on my own, but I’ve come to the realization that I need someone to hold me accountable because when I am left to myself I don’t do what I need to do. For months I’ve been “rehabilitating” alone. Which pretty much means I’ve been thinking of working out and feeling bad about myself when things come up and I don’t do it. And things ALWAY come-up (more on that in another post). So when Elizabeth came to WI to train my staff I asked if she would hold me accountable via text.
Here’s how it has gone. The goal is to workout for 30-minutes for pole conditioning twice per week. That’s it. That’s the goal. Two thirty minute sessions.

  • Session 1: wrote my workout the night before. (a great idea that I really should have been doing all along!) Woke up excited to do it. Got to the studio banged it out and felt AMAZING. Texted Elizabeth that I was done with workout one for the week. Had a wonderful day feeling accomplished.
  • Session 2: was going to do the same workout again since I really needed those activities. Got to the studio. Started working out. Felt super distracted. Tried to get “into it”. Couldn’t. Texted Elizabeth that I was going to reschedule to later in the week. She wrote back “NO!!!!!!! Do what you can in the time you set aside”. So I slunked back to the pole and did the first of my two circuits planned. I felt like a failure; I couldn’t concentrate for 30 minutes on myself. But I texted Elizabeth that I at least got that done and she reminded me: “Just remember that even on your weakest training day you still get a little bit stronger.” And I cut out (most of) the negative self talking.

See, this is why you need a buddy. Everyone is going to have days that are hard and your goals are seemingly out of reach. And your buddy is going to help you get through those rough spots.
I’m now done with Session 1 into week 2. It went way better today. I had a great session and got an “atta a girl” from my training buddy when I reported I’d finished. Best part, I DID feel stronger today! I’m grateful to remember that we are always stronger when we ask the people around us to support our journey.
Workout buddies don’t need to be with you to workout. They just need to be someone you respect who will help you stay on track. I’m really grateful to Elizabeth for holding me accountable. Already I feel like my goals are closer because I’m not on the road alone.