I recently started my instructor training course and holy cow! I’m both really excited for the next chapter and also so nervous to learn everything! There’s so much that has to be covered and taught and while it feels daunting some days, I know it’s all going to be worth it! This is something that I’d dreamt about before but never thought it would actually happen. Because I was just a regular pole student for the longest time, with only having the elite membership for a short time, I wanted to make sure that I will do a good job and prove that I can really do this, not only to the other staff members but to myself as well. 

I understand that the instructor training is purposely made to take a lot of time to complete and it’s been developed to be informative, constructive and so that by the end of it, we feel confident in our abilities to teach classes to the rest of the women in our amazing community. I’m grateful to know that we’re also being invested in by being given these incredible opportunities, we’re not just being thrown some papers, taught a few key things and then thrown into the pole waters and told “good luck!”. It’s one of the reasons I said yes to joining the new class of instructors. The other reason was because of those who interviewed me, they believed I would be a good instructor and believe in my ability to be able to teach other women. 

During our first instructor-in-training class, I could feel everyone else’s excited but nervous energy! Some of the other women I’ve had classes with, some I’ve only passed between classes and some I met for the very first time because I haven’t gone to the other studio as often or just haven’t had a class with yet. But it honestly didn’t matter, because we’re all a part of this journey together and had been selected for a reason. We all have a passion for the studio and each of us want to be able to share that with other students. So here we are together and going on this journey together, and it’s nice to know that we have each other to lean on when things may get difficult or we don’t understand something and we can bounce ideas off one another and just overall support one another during this intense process!

So while I go through the instructor training, I plan to write down my thoughts here and there and share them with the community! While I can’t divulge everything because of the obvious (signed agreements and whatnot), I look forward to sharing my thoughts feelings as we go forward.