So let’s talk about Aerial Dance they say.  Well what they don’t tell you is that it is not just a hobby.  It is not just the nearest thing you pick up to get bored of later or something you will dread that you have decided to commit to. 

I used to wake up every day and hate the body I lived in.  Telling myself today would be the day I would do something about it.  I used to get gym memberships to show up for one day and never use it again.  Why you may ask? Because it just never seemed to fit who I am as a person.  The boring reps of weights or walking in a circle track never seemed to be enough to keep me interested or wanting to go back.  I was always waking up and trying to go through the motions of getting healthy, but hating every single moment of it.  I hated waking up early to go to a place where not only did I find boring, but also where everyone around me seemed to be so judgmental.  The gym atmosphere I found to be a lot of ugly stares if you didn’t look the way everyone else did, or if you were not able to maybe do quite as much as everyone else you were definitely judged and made aware that they thought down on you. 

I actually love being able to get into Aerial Dance because it is one of the first things I have ever found to not be boring. It always keeps me on my toes and trying something new so I am always excited to go back the next time.  Everyone there is not only supportive of each other, but just very uplifting in general and they make you feel very welcome and very at home. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to better themselves and not be bored in the process. We are all on this journey together and nobody looks down on each other.  Everyone is at different levels and that is totally okay.  I found myself going from never wanting to get up and go to the gym, to waking up excited to go do Aerial Dance.   They have truly changed my life and made me want to achieve more every day. Thank you for the opportunity, and I cannot wait for what comes next!