Over the course of starting my aerial journey, I have not only learned how to strengthen my body physically, but I have also learned how to change my mindset and push myself past the limits of what I would have normally found myself quitting at.  It has always been very hard for me to find something I am able to commit to on a regular basis, as I always find myself getting bored of everything that I pick up. This is something I find myself actually wanting to stick with and being excited to learn new things and better myself in ways I previously never would have even tried to. 

Every day is a new learning curve and although they are at times challenging it is incredibly rewarding to be able to look back and say “Hey look, I did this!” I love the fact that there are mirrors so you can see yourself as you are progressing as well.  I have always struggled being very self conscious but I am finally starting to be able to overcome that as I am learning to love the body I have.  The body I used to hate is now what is able to complete so many cool moves that I never once thought I would be able to previously. I enjoy being able to talk to so many other people that feel the same way I do and be able to come together as a team to help motivate each other along our personal journeys.  Granted, we all have different goals, but we are all there for the similar reasons and all there for more than just ourselves. We also learn to help others the same way we have found that worked so well for us.   We are honestly each other’s biggest supporters and get excited when we see others doing things they didn’t think they would be able to.  It is a very uplifting and positive atmosphere which makes you feel good about yourself in general.  I honestly cannot wait to be able to progress and see myself continue to get stronger as well as being able to see others excited in the same way I am. We are all here to better ourselves and it definitely shows as well as pays off for us in the long run. I could not ask for a better team or better place to learn and grow.