I cannot believe that it has been three years since I started my journey at Aerial Dance. Throughout this post there are pictures of my progress!
At this time in pole beginner consisted of learning front hook, back hook, fireman, and some other various spins and poses. It wasn’t until intermediate that we learned how to climb and sit one the pole! It’s strange to think about that now. I remember first learning how to sit on the pole. I thought I was going to die. It was like all eight of my brothers were pinching my inner thighs at the same time! OH and the bruises were a whole other situation in themselves! My legs constantly looked like I beat them with a baseball bat. My family didn’t understand how on earth anyone would put themselves through that kind of beating. Now I have a strange fondness for my pole kisses. They are like great battle wounds, with each one telling the story of a different trick.
Screenshot_20170216-203214 (2)
I am going to be honest with you. When it came to how short pole shorts were, I swore that you would never catch me wearing them! We all know that the never came true! I now own many pole shorts, even scrunchy butt shorts! It did however take me a full term to purchase my first pair of pole shorts. I wanted to make sure that I was really committed to another term of pole. Silly right? Who can only take one term of pole?
With each passing term my strength was growing, I was becoming more confident in my pole abilities and the best part was that I was making a whole bunch of new friends! Friends who actually understood the joy of pole, unlike other friends who had never tried pole before. It wasn’t long until I wanted to explore other apparatus, like silks, hammock, and hoop. Each apparatus is challenging in its own way, but that is the beauty of Aerial Sports! You are always trying to improve your skills! I don’t think I have ever said, “Boy, this is boring.” If you find yourself saying, that you are not challenging yourself enough!

I took me two years to build up enough confidence to even be able to take a picture of myself on the pole! This was a huge mistake! I wish I would have been snapping pictures all along, so I could really see how much growth I have made. That may just be the teacher in me, but who doesn’t love to see progress? It took me almost three years to truly come out of my pole closet and not let double standards bother me. Now whenever bias’s come my way, I take the time to speak up to educate people about the benefits of pole.
I am now a much stronger person physically and mentally since starting my journey with Aerial Dance. Aerial Dance has provided with me with more opportunities to learn new things about myself than any other gym/fitness facility has in the past. I have established many new friendships that would have never been possible without attending classes. I am very grateful to have stumbled upon Aerial Dance just three short years ago. The love and support that I receive from instructors and fellow students is beyond compare. The women who attend the studio are truly like family to me.

Without all of you I wouldn’t have been able to make it through some of the rough patches I have encountered in the last few years. For that I am extremely grateful! If you are reading this and have never taken an aerial class before, I highly suggest that you give it a try. Believe in yourself and these classes may change your life they way they have changed mine!

Until Next Time!