On Saturday we have 98 women taking the stage at Tanners to dance. How COOL is that. NINETY-EIGHT women! (And one guy!) It takes a lot of courage to get on that stage. We have women who have been a “pole dancer” for all of FIVE WEEKS taking the stage. Imagine the bravery she is displaying by doing a routine in front of 500+ people after such a short time.

So as an audience member, here are a few guidelines to help our dancers have the best experience possible:

  1. CHEER. Like louder than you ever have. Bring your throat lozenges so you don’t lose your voice by the second half. If you see something that looks hard, cheer. If you see someone nervous, cheer. If you see something go wrong and she gets back up, cheer. So basically scream your head off and clap for the entire show!
  2. Put your camera away during the show. I know, I know. Our culture likes to record instead of experience, but at Aerial Dance we are trying to get people to ENJOY life. We have hired two professional photographers AND have two videographers coming. These experts have reserved seats to get them in the very best place for capturing the show. All our dancers have had the option of getting ALL the professional images so they will have tons of photos from people with better cameras AND in a better seat than you. So enjoy your performer’s performance instead of trying to record it on your iPhone! You’ll get to see the professional video and all the images soon after the show 🙂
  3. If you must take your own pictures, please only record YOUR dancer. Not all our students are ready to have her pole journey on Facebook. So if you are going to post anything, it needs to be only your dancer and that you’ve cleared posting it with her. 🙂
  4. Take TONS of pictures before and after the show!!!!! And tag us in them! #AerialDanceWi

Keep the aisles clear. This is a saftey thing for obvious reasons. But additionally, during the open number there will be women dancing in the aisles, so make sure you are seated and your stuff isn’t in said aisles. The final number of the show will give you a chance to stand up in your seats and dance with us! So do that if you feel compelled!

THANK OUR SPONSORS. This show is stupid expensive to put on. Ticket sales do not come close to covering the cost. Our sponsors make this possible. So if you see them at the show, THANK THEM! And even better, patronize them throughout the year! Small businesses needs community support year around!

TIP your waitstaff. Tanners owners & staff take amazing care of us. They do a great job filling drink orders quickly during the intermission and show so we maintain the party atmosphere we desire. We are grateful to everyone working our event. Please tip generously.

STAY for FREE FOOD! After the show, Aerial Dance hosts our holiday party. At Tanners. Right where you already are. Stay. Eat. There will be a buffet with appetizers directly after the show. And new this year, a DESSERT table sponsored by our show sponsor, Simple Simon Bakery. So stay, eat pizza and a Christmas Cookie!

Directly after the show, we know you want to come and talk to your instructors. Don’t. We are still working. We have to tear down as soon as we are done performing. Eat food, grab a drink and be patient. The instructors are quick, because they want to eat too! You will know when the are ready to talk as they will be out in the audience and not carrying things. So please respect my staff as we try to get cleaned up as quick as possible so we can come party with you!

Lastly, HAVE FUN. This is a very special event. It is incredible to have so many people sharing so much love in one room. Bask in it. Celebrate with us. Cheer. Cheer. Cheer.

2017 Show Opener – Jock Jams