Hello all! I’m so sorry I haven’t written in a while! I haven’t been to the studio much since the spring semester started. Full-time work (between two jobs) and full-time classes with project meetings keeps me pretty busy. I schedule pole classes, and then get scheduled to work or have a project meeting scheduled. So frustrating!
I finally found some time to stop in this week—lovely advantage to being on Spring Break. I dropped into a class with Paula, who managed to have me sweating like crazy and tired by the time I left. I expected nothing less ;).
I managed to get into a practice to. Since it was semi-private with a lesson going on, we practice ladies were mostly left to our own devices. Paula would absolutely help if we asked, but we were fine on our own.
I will certainly consult the all-knowing instructors if I have a question, but I also have no problem asking a fellow dancer. The instructors can explain things well, but sometimes, it’s just easier to hear it from another student. I’ve actually nailed some moves because I’ve gotten an explanation from a fellow student that just clicked!
For example: I really struggled learning to sit in class. I could NOT stay on the pole to save my life. I would slide, and it was really frustrating. I went to a practice, and ran into a lovely lady whom we’ll call “N.” I got to talking with N, and she watched me climb up the pole and attempt my sit. I don’t remember exactly the pieces of advice N tossed in my direction, but she came over and clarified. All of a sudden it clicked. I sat and stayed on the pole. She cheered, I cheered, and I’ve been able to do it ever since.
It happened in the practice I dropped into this week too! When I was in class, I learned Vortex. Well, tried. Its a bit of a contortion, and can be painful to demonstrate. I think Paula’s directions in class were clear. When I got up there and started spinning, I couldn’t figure out how to move my legs. Brain-leg disconnect. I gave it couple more tries and moved on. In practice, I happened to get a pole next to a lovely lady I will call “K.” K and I went back and forth in class. She was trying to work on something, though when she got upside-down, she couldn’t seem to remember what to do. I know that feeling. I demonstrated for her, and she got it. Whoohoo K! I decided to give Vortex a shot again, and I kept coming down confused because I still couldn’t figure out the legs. She demo’d it for me, and though I’m not sure  what she said, something clicked. Boom. Got it.

[Here is a video–She climbs and then does Vortex, and then proceeds to take it into other things]
[Now this is a video that starts with an inverted Vortex…. challenge, with a spotter, accepted 🙂 ]

I am always willing to help someone. I like helping because I know that it can sometimes feel easier to ask other students, and because I know the struggle! If you have any questions about a move, always ASK. I have not met a single student that has not been willing to help. If they don’t know, they want to learn too, and will usually help find someone who knows the answer. Everyone is a resource. Aerial Dance is a supportive place, and everyone I’ve met at the studio wants to keep it that way.
So, to those who are new– reach out! Ask a fellow student, in class or in practice. It’s OK! For those who have been at the studio a while– keep on being helpful, and remember to reach out when you need it! 🙂