I love Hoop and the simple fact that once you try it, you quickly realize just how challenging of a workout it really is. It requires strength, strength you may not even realize you have. My first class was the first eye opener I had in realizing just how strong I am and how much my body can really take. You work out so many different muscles while also getting in some cardio, it’s a win win. After doing a few reps your body starts yelling at you and you will definitely have bruises or as we call it hoop or pole kisses. Getting my butt kicked for 50 minutes is what got me to want to join. It is a hard enough work out but in a time span that when you are tired and ready to give up class is over and it’s time to do a cool down and stretch. Your body gets used to the intensity and desensitizes to moves you do frequently. I enjoy the challenge that every class provides and I continue to practice moves I learn and try my best to get down the form and gracefulness that the instructions have.