This past weekend NE Wisconsin had a whole bunch of tornados, rain and high winds. How did we at Aerial Dance cope? Our Green Bay instructors Kelly & Lynn brought their classes in to our windowless staff room and had them do push-ups with crash mats on them during the tornado sirens! Awesome job by the Aerial Dance team keeping everyone safe, taking their minds off the danger AND still getting the workout in!!!!
On Saturday we were supposed to perform at Pride Alive 2019. The event was cancelled due to the severe storms which breaks our hearts. The volunteers work SO HARD to put on an event like that on so to have the entire thing cancelled is a huge disappointment and danger to future events due to budgets and all those annoying but important details. If you’re able to help this organization reschedule, please donate. I’m grateful to the organizers for cancelling early enough to keep my people safe and not have them enroute during the worst of the storms. Thank you!!!!
It’s now Monday and many people in our community still don’t have power. For some, this also means no showers or running water. Aerial Dance would like to make a blanket statement that for as long as this disaster is under recovery our facilities are open during our classes to any woman over the age of 18 who needs to charge something or use our shower. Both our locations have showers with hot water, shampoo, conditioners and we provide towels. We’re happy to share this with any in need. Check out schedule and show up during any class times. You don’t need to be a member to stop in and get help.
We also have extra surge protectors at BOTH location main desks. If you need to charge something, come on in and plug it in. You can wait in the lobby while it charges. You don’t need to be a member to stop in and get help.
Since we are a sanctuary for women, we need to limit those coming to females 18 and older during our regular class hours. But if you are in need of a shower or charging, outside of our class times we’ll try to arrange a time for mother’s with kids or families to stop in; arrange this by calling 920-750-1441.
We hope you and your family are safe. And wish you a speedy clean-up. A BIG THANK YOU to all our emergency personnel in the community and those restoring electricity. We appreciate the long hours you’re putting in!