As an instructor at Aerial Dance we are lucky to get trained by the best and the brightest in the business in all aspects of what we teach. This includes having trainers on pole, hoop, hammock, and silks, flexibility, and conditioning. We are also however required to seek outside certifications ourselves to go along with that. When I was hired I opted for Liquid Motion Level 1 and LOVED IT! I then decided (although not required) to continue with Level 2, and their Certification in Heels.

There are little to no heels certifications offered in the industry, and this one was amazing. Everything Jeni Janover and her crew does is based on science, anatomy, and their own movement training. The art of the the stiletto shoe is just as important to understand as using a hoop, hammock, silk, or pole. In two days I spent almost 16 hours in my shoes training and learning how to condition and recover from what the shoes do to your body.

Yesterday I just finished our 4-week heel intensive we decided to offer our students as a result of my training. We focused on all the detailed aspects of turning your heel work into something that doesn’t look like Bambi, but adds to the grace of your lines and movement. We also worked on all the different ways to take care of your body when you do heel work, because when you add an 8-inch stiletto to the bottom of your foot you can bet there has to be compensation within the body to make up for it. We had a blast, and I really feel like everyone who attended got a lot out of it! Happy “Heels Graduation” to those ladies!