It’s summer. Which means attendance at the studio is all over the place. Some weeks you attend three times, the next week not at all because sunburn and pole suck. Then when fall comes all this sporadic attendance results in plateaus of frustration.

How to beat that? When you come to class in summer, do the basics. What does that look like:

  • Intermediate Pole class attendee, remember to do all the spins from Beginner Pole EVERY time you attend.
  • Advanced 1 Pole class attendee, in addition to all your Beginner Spins (because remember pole builds on the foundation) remember to do all your CLIMBS every time you attend. Yes, all of them. Up and down. And both sides
  • Advanced 2 Pole & Extreme class attendee, in addition to all your climbs, make sure to do your basic inverts that cleared your to get to Advanced 1 on both sides.

The stronger you keep your pole basics, the faster you will progress in pole. Set the goal of once a month to come to a practice to review your cards. Nothing new, nothing you’re currently working on; just review what you needed to move up a level. Make sure all those skills are still in your body. If you make this a practice once a month you’ll be shocked at how fast you progress.