Hey friends!

We all know there is a lot of crazy going on right now. It is definitely not the first time life has gotten crazy for any of us. For me, when the anxiety, or sadness, or anger, or even happiness kicks in, I Dance. I dance through all my emotions, it is the best way for me to let out whatever I need to in a positive way, plus it keeps my body moving. It is my passion, it is my career, it is my art and it is my constant. It is also fortunately something I can do at home that makes me happy even if my dog is involved.

Anytime something has happened in my life, I keep dancing, from national tragedies, to personal or family situations, I keep dancing. I encourage you to keep doing the things that you love as much as possible, regardless of how it comes out. Grab a piece of paper and draw, write something, move your body, get creative in a way you haven’t even thought of or done yet!

If you are a student at Aerial Dance I am going to go ahead and bet that you love to dance too in some form or another. Dance while you do the dishes! Try getting your kids involved that are out of school for a lesson that uses dance or movement! FaceTime your family and a dance party! I look forward to moving with you all via video in the coming days and I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces in person very soon!