When we chose to do the correct thing for our community and cease in personal classes two weeks ago the plan was to resume today. Since then, Governor Evers, has issued a “stay at home” order for the state until April 24. So we are still on hold with in-person classes. What we ARE offering is a robust online program! We are offering 60+ online classes per week, which is amazing. And know that as soon as we are able to, we will resume in-person classes.

Not being able to run in-person classes is most detrimental to our pole program since many of our students don’t have poles at home. We are offering 10ish pole classes per week for students that DO have poles, but these classes are supplement pole classes like Pole Flow or Vertical Barre versus our leveled pole program. The reason for this is because we can’t safely spot our students in a virtual world, this would make it unsafe for us to teach inverts and continue with our sequential program. Instead all our current online pole classes are focusing on keeping strength for when we’re able to resume to the studio. And dancing! This is a great opportunity to work on moving your body in different ways and celebrating that movement!

Want to get back to the studio as quickly as possible? Then practice excellent social distancing and encourage all you know to do the same. Every time I think I may need to leave my house for something I think “is this worth the “stay at home” lasting longer?” For me the answer is usually no. I don’t need to go to Menards and do a home improvement project that I’ve already put off for months. Though it would be nice to use this time for that, that isn’t “essential” so I choose to not do it since only essential trips in the public world are what we should be doing now. It’s weird to go from being able to do whatever I want, when I want, to now making lists and trying to limit my trips as much as possible. But for me, keeping everyone healthy and getting back to in-person classes as quickly as possible matters so I encourage you to also think “is this truly essential” before going into public.

As soon as we can resume in-person classes, we will start where we left off, somewhere in week 3 of our 8 week pole term. All members will have access to their unused classes and practices. We will be modifying our program to help girls get back into it safely. There will be LOTS of open practice times. And we will be so excited to be back at the studio!!!!! Until then, stay safe. Keep those you love safe. Limit all trips out of your house for essential. And join us for some fun classes online!!!!!