The other day I had a great podcast discussion with Trevor Folker from MVMT Performance & Rehabilitation. We talked about Pole & Aerial, the history of Aerial Dance and how I got into the sport. Between all of our dorky science moments (loved geeking out with him, smart dude!), he asked me about doing aerial if you’re afraid of heights. Great question, Trevor! Great question.

I don’t love heights. I personally would much rather be 90 feet below the sea than 10 feet in the air. As an aerialist I put up with heights when I have to, but if given the choice prefer to be closer to the ground. When I do a trick higher in the air though, it is that fear that makes me squeeze a little harder and hold on a little tighter and actually makes me more successful. Truth. Some moves, like embrace, I can’t do successfully without being in the air because the extra engagement is what I need to actually hold the trick. And that little extra is feeling the fear and choosing courage.

But fear of height and aerial also gives you another opportunity for personal growth. The exhilaration of doing something that scares you! Adrenaline rush is real and if you have a fear of heights you’ll feel even more accomplished at the end of an aerial class because you did all the things in-spite of your fear. That to me is one of the big growth moments in aerial, to realize your body can do so much more than your mind allows and fear of heights is just another thing you can push through in this sport and walk away feeling baller. 

So no, fear of heights doesn’t stop you, it just makes you even more badass for doing aerial!