The past few months have been a whirlwind that is culminating with a BIG announcement on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 12:30pm. Since April 19 when I got a phone call with an interesting opportunity I have been battling FEAR. I’ve been terrified to jump off the cliff. To take the chance. To try the new thing. What if I made the wrong choice and hurt my company? What if the decision I make over this puts my company out of business? What will happen to my instructors if I tank us? And on and on the squirrel in my brain ran…
Last week Thursday I had an emergency meeting with my business coach, the incredible Deb Griffiths. As I was oozing fear all over her, stopped me and said, “you won’t feel the courage until you’re in it.” And boom. What a shift. I kept waiting to feel like it was the right decision. That the signs would align and I’d know. And as I kept looking at the opportunity, I could see the upside and the downside, but all I could FEEL was the fear. So I took a deep breath. And I stepped forward. I got out of my way. And I decided. I made the choice.
It was only AFTER I made the choice that the courage came. Now I feel the courage. Now I feel the excitement. Yes, I still can see all that could go wrong and I can still very much feel the sheer terror. But I can also feel the courage and know I made the right decision. You have to decide what is best for you. You have to choose. And only then will the universe send you the courage.
So what in your life are waiting to feel the courage on? Decide what you want. Take the step. The courage will come bounding up to you after you do.