For a lot of us Aerial Dance is a sanctuary. It is my happy place. It’s my me time. Time for me to get away from day to day stress from life and just enjoy myself.   

The women that run, instruct, and attend classes are some of the most uplifting and positive people I’ve ever met in my entire life. In my opinion, normal gyms are intimidating (I’m not trying to say gyms are bad, but I’ve learned that they are not for me). If you are like me, when I’d go to the gym I’d feel like people are judging me or shaming my body size.

Aerial Dance is the exact opposite. I have never felt more accepted and comfortable working out in front of people. I’ve never had people cheer me on even for what I feel sometimes are the simplest things.

Aerial Dance truly is a sanctuary for women. When you walk in the doors, you can feel the weight of the world melt away. You can lose yourself in the beauty of the aerial arts. Our instructors care so much about each one of us and they all work so much harder than we realize to keep us safe. They make sure they have new things to teach us. I feel beyond special when walking through the door. I feel like I belong. 

My self confidence can be quite lacking, but because of the uplifting and empowering environment I have become more confident in my body than I ever thought I could be. When I first started coming, I’d see the women working out in tiny shorts and a sports bra. I’d think to myself “there’s absolutely no way I’d ever do that. I’m too fat, my legs are gross, I have too much cellulite, stretch marks. My body just isn’t good enough for that!”

I now wear the little booty shorts and sports bra. I’ve become so much happier in my own body even if it isn’t the media’s interpretation of beautiful. I AM beautiful and the women at Aerial Dance have helped me learn to love my body, even if they didn’t realize it.

Join our sanctuary and celebrate what your body can do! Try a Intro to Pole or Intro to Aerial class!