What I love most about Aerial Dance would have to be the feeling I get whenever I leave the studio. No matter how I feel when I walk in or what happened that week, just being in a room full of supportive women and compassionate, positive instructors changes the way I feel about myself and my attitude for the better.  Whatever I felt before class melts away and I become more confident, happier, and I feel strong enough to overcome anything. 

Finding Pole Fitness was one of the major blessings in my life, it allows me to connect with myself and others in a deep, meaningful way.  Even though we are individuals, it feels more like a team. When one of us struggles we come together to lift her up, never leaving anyone behind. I’ve tried so many fitness programs, but none were successful long term.  I struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I usually pay for any type of exercise with being laid up in bed in pain. Aerial Dance is the one thing I’ve found that I leave feeling stronger and better than before I started. Strengthening myself and just being up and moving has helped my health and disorder incredibly, reducing my pain levels immeasurably.  I also suffer from mental illness, where some days just leaving the house is a struggle.  Every other fitness program I’ve tried eventually ends due to the lack of motivation and avoidance I feel about exercising.  Aerial Dance is the one program I look forward to and actually miss when I cannot attend. I’ve never stuck with something so long and have no plans to stop any time soon.

One thing I’m most proud of recently would have to be inverting for the first time back from the COVID break. Before the break I had to take time off due to injuries and illness. So with barely getting my strength back from that, the studio had to close down.  Adding the months I was unable to work on my strength and endurance from the closure, I was terrified to go upside down.  I just don’t feel strong enough and the trust I used to feel in myself is gone, but slowly returning.  With the help of one of the amazing instructors that saw through my fear, she was able to show me a way to do a specific invert without it feeling scary. Showing me that I will get there again, I am not a lost cause, and in my own time I will be confident in myself and my abilities again.  Every single instructor at Aerial Dance is amazing, selfless, and empathetic. If nothing else, they are what make this amazing studio everything that it is. A safe haven for women to be themselves.