Cliche, I Know……

On Saturday, February 1, I cut my foot really bad, just outside of my big toe on my right foot. Here’s what happened.

I was working on making a soup for a Holiday Soupswap that I had Saturday evening with ladies that I work out with on Saturday mornings. I was just about finished with my soup when I bumped my Santoku knife off the counter. My first instinct was to catch the falling knife……. Dumb right?! Well thankfully, I thought better of that decision and began to do the dance to get out of the way of the falling knife. I did a pretty good job of dodging the blade when it initially hit the floor, but what I didn’t account for was the bounce……. The knife hit the floor with the end of the handle. When it bounced the knife came down like a karate chop on my foot. Thankfully I was still shuffling and it didn’t come down on my toe or the top of my foot.

8″ Santoku Knife
The red line is where my cut is.

I would show a picture of my actual foot, but I know many cannot stomach that kind of thing. Thankfully Steve was home and I did not need to find a way to the emergency room on my own. 31/2 hours and 5 stitches later, We were able to go home. I finally got my stitches out on Monday 2/10, but it is still extremely tender.


Although the ER doctor did not give me any restrictions with my foot, I was not able to wear a shoe for the next six days after the accident as the pain from the location of my cut was so bad. With having this injury, a cut all the way to the bone, I am also experiencing loss of sensation in my big toe and an area around the cut. I have not been able to exercise since the accident. Saturday, February 15 is when I will be able to “try” exercising. I am not sure I will attempt anything over the weekend.

With all of this going on, my dreams of being in the Showcase were looking pretty bleak. So, I made the difficult decision to withdraw from the Student Showcase. It was probably one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made when it comes to studio decisions. Performing with Steve is one of my greatest passions, but now between my foot and his bum leg it just isn’t in the cards for us. I know that the show is in April and I would have time to heal, but now is the time to start planning and practicing with the instructor.

This year may not be our year for the Student Showcase, but that won’t stop Steve and I for planning for next year. In the next coming weeks I am going to be sure that I give my body the proper amount of time to heal. Even thought the cut has healed on the outside it still has a lot to repair on the inside. I miss my aerial family dearly. It has been extremely difficult canceling my classes and not scheduling new ones. My body and feet are worth waiting. All apparatuses require a lot of foot grip or holding. I want to be 100% that my foot is healed and ready for action, so I know that I will be safe!

Hopefully I will see you soon!