What’s Holding You Back?

You’ve seen your friend’s posting amazing photos of themselves doing the aerial arts! They look strong, confident, and beautiful. Yet there you are thinking to yourself there is no way that I could do that. Here’s the thing, you can do it!  Not everyone woman who enters Aerial Dance is that strong confident woman. Many of us start out timid and shy. How would I know you ask? Just three short years ago I was one of those timid shy girls who lacked confidence. I had zero body strength to point where I couldn’t even do a push up. ONE PUSH UP! Sad, yes I know. I had an extremely long journey ahead of me.
When I started pole, I only knew very few women who had tried it. Many had just attended parties at Aerial Dance for a birthday or bachelorette parties. Many told me that it was a lot of fun and I should try it. I stalked  Aerial Dance’s Facebook page daily dreaming that one day I could be like those women! Fear is what held me back from my dream of becoming an aerial artist. I knew I didn’t have the strength to hold myself up. I was afraid that people would judge me. Fear was the reason that stopped me from pursuing my dreams.

Fear: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid

Whoo wee! That definition is pretty intimidating! Don’t worry, I am here to take away some of the fear that you may have about pole and the aerial arts! Below are a few of the very common reasons why woman are afraid to try pole or the aerial arts.
Many are intimidated by pole and the aerial arts, but are interested in knowing more about them. If you fall into this category, give the studio a call. Paula Brusky the owner of Aerial Dance LLC is very knowledgeable. She will help you with any questions you may have and would even be willing to show you  around the studio to help you familiarize yourself with the the aerial arts. Please call to setup an appointment. Classes run at various times and instructors may not be available to give you a tour.


At first glance the cost of classes can be overwhelming. When you break down a pole membership for the eight week term if you register during early bird that classes are only $10.00 as you get a weekly pole class and eight pole practices to use at your will. If cost is still an issue for you speak with Paula about possible payment plans! She understands that many women are working, raising a family, and have other financial obligations, but she would still love to help you on your fitness journey.

Intro Classes

Do you worry about making a commitment to a class only to find out that you don’t like it? Don’t know where to start with your aerial journey? No Worries! Aerial Dance LLC has two wonderful intro classes to get your feet wet! The two intro classes are for pole and aerial classes.
In Intro to Pole, you learn some basic spins, poses, and conditioning moves that you would learn in a beginner pole class. Intro to Aerial is a 90 minute class that introduces you to the various aerial apparatuses. You will spend time in aerial hammocks, hoops (lyra), and silks. Intro to aerial introduces you to various climbs, poses, and entries on each of the different apparatuses. These classes are designed for people who are brand new to the aerial arts! The purpose of intro classes is to show you what to expect in a full pole or aerial class!  Intro classes are highly recommended for those who have be toying with the idea of trying the aerial arts! Come and fly with us at Aerial Dance!

I’m Not Strong Enough

Another concern I hear a lot is, “I am not strong enough to do pole!” The best part of pole and the other aerial sports is that each sport has a progression of skills. The progression helps you to build the necessary strength to succeed! To enhance your strength Aerial Dance offers conditioning, cardio, and flexibility classes to help you reach your goals faster! The instructors at Aerial Dance are all about your safety and wouldn’t have you do anything that is beyond your fitness level.

Does it Hurt?

The biggest concern that I hear is,”Doesn’t it hurt?” Unfortunately, there is no way for me to sugar coat this for you. Yes pole, hammock, hoop, and silks can all cause pain, again, these sports are set up in progressive manner to help you build up strength and tolerance to the pain. You will also work on desensitizing the most sensitive parts of your body, like your inner thighs and underarms. You will get bruises, but as you practice the aerial arts more and more the bruises will not appear as easily. Your skin will become stronger and will become more resistant to bruising.


With each passing term you will see your strength increase, pain decrease, and your confidence will grow. With being a teacher, I know that mindset plays an extremely important roll in overcoming fear. Many people have a mindset of “I can’t do it to” rather than “I can’t do it yet”. The power of yet is what pushes all of the woman at Aerial Dance. Nothing worth having comes easy. You need to work for it!  Each day is a different battle in the aerial arts. Most days are good days and you accomplish a lot, where other days can feel like total defeat.

Be brave ladies! Try changing your mindset even for a day! Instead of saying “I can’t” say “I am going to try” You may fail and you may succeed. Learn from your failures to better yourself and some day you will get there! Pole and Aerial Dance has changed my life in more ways than I could ever explain to you in one blog! If pole or aerial classes are something you have considered in the past or you are considering now, there is not time like the present to give it a try! Believe in yourself and you will succeed! July marks the start of a new term! I hope to see many new faces at Aerial Dance! Look for me there as Aerial Dance is like my second home!
Until Next Time,