Hey, Hey, Hey, Fellow Polers!
As January comes to an end, I have been reflecting on the goals I had set for myself to ring in the new year and that I turn 26 on the 26. So far I have been on track with my goals. I have even met some of them!!!!  These past few weeks I have been working on dead lifting into an elbow stand. The other day with the help of Instructor Leah, I was able to do it! It was only once, but I am so proud of myself! (Unfortunately I do not have a video 🙁 )  I now know that I can do it and will continue to strengthen my core.
Another goal that I have been working on is getting my Jordan. It has truly been one of my nemesis moves. I have been trying various entries into it and I am getting closer to finding my little nitch to make it work for me! The other day I was able to drop into Jordan with very little support from an instructor and hold it correctly on my own! I am dying to get this move just to be able to share it with all of you!!!!
Along with working on Jordan ,I have being trying to work on more combos rather than doing a trick and then coming down to do another. Throughout my pole journey I have not been very good at piecing moves/tricks together, but I have been working on a Dainty Climb to Pegasus to Remi Sit to a Remi Layback! The only thing I am missing is a way to exit the combo so it looks pretty. Still working on that! Below is what I have so far, it is not the smoothest, but I am trying,


After attending the Minnesota Pole competition, it inspired me to keep pushing myself even when I feel like I can’t put moves together. To help me obatin a better understanding of choreographing moves and transitions I have been attending more Pole and Core Flow! If you have not taken either of those classes yet it is an absolute must!!!!!!! Those two classes have helped me build more floor work skills and become more purposeful and fluid with my motions. Bringing the amount of grace and sexiness I have up a notch! Each time I attend a Flow class we work on Leg Hearts. If you don’t know what Leg Hearts are please ask one of the instructors because I surely cannot help you out. Leg hearts may be the death of me, but I have still been working on them. Someday maybe I will look like instructor Leah or Instructor Kelly, but for now I kind of look like a Robot.

As this week comes to an end, I ask you to reflect on what your goals are. No matter how large or how small goals matter and you can do it!!!! Please feel free to share you goals with me in the Facebook comments! I would love to hear about what you are working on!


Have a great week!


Until next time!