At my muggle gym there is aboard where they have members write their answer to a question. The current question is “why do you work out?” And the difference in how woman versus man answers is stark.

The men who answered all had a goal. Something to do with an activity they wanted to do or a trip they wanted to take. They spoke of long term health and goals they personally had for the future. Their answers were solely about them.

The women all answered in relation to a family member. They had goals like “to keep up with my grandkids” or “to look good for my husband.” Yes, these are totally ok goals. But they aren’t solely about them. Their motivation was based on another. We do become dependent on those we have welcomed into our lives and our goals will reflect that. But we shouldn’t also keep the individuality of goals.

Why do the women only think of how they relate to others and the men only think of themselves when answering that question? This is obviously a bigger societal expectations and roles questions, but I challenge all our women: what is YOUR goal? Why do YOU attend Aerial Dance? Why do you work out? What does this matter to purely you? What is your motivation that has nothing to do with anyone but you? Yes, the people you cherish will also benefit, but what is the benefit to YOU?