1. It’s POLE DANCING people! – like, come on, it is so fun!

2. It’s more than pole dancing; it’s community & strength building – girl. you’re going to get so strong. The studio also helps support other small businesses in the community – you know those cute little shorts on the wall to purchase? They go through a local seamstress to make them – double points!

3. The instructors – each one is so unique and can offer something new, or different, to the table. They are funny and sweet and badass.

4. The classes – there are workshops (twerking, holiday themed dances, chair dance, etc), varieties of yoga, abs & asses, flexibility, and so on. Something for everyone. 

5. The sisterhood – every time I am at a practice there are girls that have just met and doing nothing but helping each other out. They see someone struggling with a certain move and give them some solid advice that probably helped them previously and as soon as that other girl nails it, you bet she’s her biggest cheerleader.

6. It’s about being smart and sexy – you guys. They do a monthly book club! As a book nerd, I seriously adore this – beauty and brains baby!

7. It’s about self-discovery – oh honey, yes YOU CAN. You will find out just how strong you are and how much stronger you can be. Plus, you’re, like, really brave going upside down and climbing to the top. Oh, and yes, you do look great in those booty shorts 😉

8. It’s about the students – we all just want to see you grow! Plus, there are great get-togethers and free photo shoots offered <3

9. You can play on all the things – hoops, silks & poles, oh my!

10. It’s my playground/mental health – like I mentioned earlier, its super fun but it also has become my ‘happy place’, I don’t think of anything but pole when I am in the studio, and I love that.