Summer is Fading

With September comes back to school, earlier nights, and cooler temperatures. Winter is coming and there is no stopping it, but Aerial Dance has sure found a way to take summer out with a bang! Just his past month, Aerial Dance has hosted two open houses! Dr. Paula Brusky (our wonderful pole mama) has been featured on two radio stations! They also launched a new aerial app that is more user friendly. And…… How can we forget the wonderful Aerial Dance segment on Fox 11.   Our Aerial World is booming! More women are embracing this new challenge and we cannot wait to welcome to our aerial family. Paula and our instructors, please know that we students understand the long and odd hours you keep to make our studios (it is exciting to use the plural form of studio!)  run so smoothly! You are appreciated more than words can express! Thank you!

Bazzar Menasha

With this past weeks Bazaar After Dark, it marks the last one for this summer season. It left me with a bittersweet feeling. This past year of Bazaars has been amazing. Aerial Dance went above and beyond to provide their students with the opportunity to share their love of the aerial arts with the Fox Cities communities with no additional cost to students! All students needed to do was attend the event. To top off Aerial Dance’s dedication, they even took pictures to share with the instructors and students who performed.
These Bazaar After Dark events have allowed all of us that take classes at Aerial Dance the opportunity to show the community how Aerial Dance is so much more than a fitness studio. It allows us to show everyone that we are a family. Although, Steve and I were only able to attend for a short time this Bazaar as we had our little guy Aiden with us, it was well worth it. As Steve and I were “showing some cool tricks” as Aiden would call it, you couldn’t help but notice the children sitting front in center of the aerial rig. The “Ohhhs” and “Ahhhs” from the children were enough to make any person’s heart soar! They are so young and full of life! Wanting to fly and flip just like us! With each passing Bazaar Event we are inspiring future aerialist all over the Fox Valley! We are showing them that YES! YOU CAN JOIN THE CIRCUS! If you were not able to join Aerial Dance for a Bazaar After Dark event this year, keep your eyes peeled for next year! Bazaar After Dark events are meant to bring people back out into the community.

More Good Things to Come

With summer coming to an end, it has a lot of people fearing the winter months. Have no fear! Aerial Dance has plenty of opportunities to keep you mind off of your winter blues!
Last weekend Aerial Dance released five of the Christmas Show songs for registration and this Saturday they will be releasing more! If you haven’t already signed up for the Christmas Show, you should consider it. The Christmas Show is a great opportunity for students to dip their toes into the performing world. If you are not performance ready, just attending the show will blow your mind. The Christmas Show is something unique to Aerial Dance. No other pole studio around puts on performance to showcase students like Aerial Dance does. If performing is already your jam, you could consider registering for the upcoming Minnesota competition in January or the USPSF Midwest Regionals in April hosted by Aerial Dance.
Don’t forget the professional photo shoot with Debbie Daanen Photography scheduled for the end of October. As always keep your eyes posted for the various workshops offered at the studio in the upcoming winter months. Opportunities are around every corner when working with Aerial Dance!
Until Next Time,