I have been a part of multiple dance teams over the course of two and a half decades. I’ve been both a team member and a coach. I am a huge believer in teamwork and in encouraging one another. I know the value of a strong support system. Sometimes the only reason you start something or keep going is because you have someone cheering you on and believing in you! No where is this more evident than at Aerial Dance!

Most women who walk in the door here are trying something new, stepping out of their comfort zone. That is intimidating and super scary! This combo can make you self conscious. Worried everyone is watching and judging what you do, or don’t do, what you say, how you look. All these thoughts get in the way of doing the work and having the fun.

However, from the second you walk in to Aerial Dance you feel the support. Everyone on staff, everyone taking class- they are so encouraging and helpful! Trying new things in class isn’t as nerve wracking when the instructors walk you through, give you different tips to make the pose work, and cheer you on each step of the way! They encourage your progress and want to help you grow. You see it and feel it no matter which instructor you have! And that safe space and positive energy transfers to students.

I haven’t been in one class where I haven’t experienced encouraging words from someone in class. Whether you’re trying a new move or working on a previous one those words spur you on to try harder. It also makes you want to return the favor. It creates a space of empowerment and respect. You realize very early on that no one is there to judge or to compare and “be better” than anyone else. Everyone wants everyone to succeed, have fun, and feel good about themselves!

Aerial Dance had given me a safe, supportive, and encouraging space to discover my confidence and realize who I want to be with an amazing group of women cheering me on every step of the way!

Start your journey today and join our amazingly supportive community!
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