If you are not familiar with pole you probably think that I am talking about the little demigod flying around in a diaper shooting arrows of love in people’s butts.
Fortunately, I am not talking about a flying man in diaper.
The Cupid I am speaking of is an intermediate pole pose. This pose requires a knee pit grip and a slightly flatter foot grip. Cupid has been my nemesis for the last 2 and a half years. It seemed that every time I would try to successfully execute this pose my foot would spew an enormous amount of sweat.  My sweaty foot problem (I know eww gross) caused my foot to slip right off the pole.
Another problem I faced was core, hip. and glute strength to push and hold myself away from the pole. I have tried this pose over and over again. I  have failed more times than I can count. It was very discouraging to fail, but I wouldn’t let myself give up. Each time I failed, I thought, ” I am learning all the various ways on how not to do a Cupid.” Yes there were days where I refused to even practice Cupid, these days were mostly bad pole days. I know everyone has had at least one bad pole day. If you haven’t had a bad pole day, please, please share your secret with me!!!!!b68d143ffcca02c69a78b8e64473344e
Last week, I walked into class,  looked at the board and saw that Cupid was on the docket for the day. I gave a heavy sigh, it was one of those days, where everything I touched hit the ground and was an overall crummy day.
We warmed up and class got going. The instructor was calling out spins and combos, as well as, what was listed on the board. I had avoided Cupid all class, until another student asked me to remind her how to do Cupid. I thought to myself, “Great, here we go! Another failed attempt.” (See there is that negative voice I am trying to work on) I had doubted myself before I even tried.
Well, I put my big girl pants on and began to side climb up the pole. On my last climb, I lifted my top leg a little higher trying to ensure that I would lock in my knee grip to support my Cupid. I slid my lower foot down the pole and pushed my hips out. To my disbelief! My foot did not slip and my knee pit grip was locked in. I was blown away!  Could it be possible? Could I take my hands off the pole? I let one hand go and didn’t fall, then I left the other hand go…….
There I was….. ME….. in a cupid!!!!!
I of course had to say, “Look, look, look!” because I did not know how long I was going to be able to hold the pose.  I wanted proof that other people saw me and that I truly was able to accomplish this move. After I came down from the pole I was ecstatic and glowing. Then that little negative voice crept back. What if that was fluke? What if I can’t do it again? I pushed that negative voice aside and repeated Cupid several more times throughout class and on both sides.
Don’t let the picture fool you! Both of my hands are off the pole. I was also really proud of myself that I remembered to point my toes.
Pole is hard and takes practice with perseverance!