Small Victories!

As of late, I have been hearing a reoccurring echo throughout the studio and it sounds sort of like this, “I am in a backslide and nothing is working!” Not once or even just twice have I heard similar opinion stated from various ladies at the studio. I, myself have been guilty of feeling this way and it got me thinking. Is it really that I am not making progress or am I failing to see small victories? I have found that I have taken to social media a lot more when it comes to watching professional polers. After seeing their videos ,I feel so inspired, like that could be me some day! Then I go to class and reality hits…….. I don’t have an kind of splits, floor work for me is like pulling teeth, and I am not the strongest in most pole moves and transitions.
I let the perfection of social media bog me down, I let  myself hung up on all of the negatives that I essentially put myself in a rut. This rut of I will never be good enough, I’ll never be able to do this or to do that, constant negative self talk had made me lose sight of my smallest victories. What is a small victory you may ask?  A small victory is rejoicing in success no matter how small. While thinking about this blog post and small victories, I found an interesting post by Paul Hudson called 5 Reasons Why The Key to  Success is Taking Pride in Small Victories. It may just be a post from an online news platform, but his words hold a lot of truth!
Here is one of my favorite quotes from his post: What little victories allow for is momentum — with each little win, we feel more confident in ourselves. We feel reinvigorated and begin to once again find pleasure and fascination in our work and journey.

Now what?

The only place to go from your rut is UP and OUT! Take pride in your small victories as those victories are the ones that lead to the great victories! Each time I set foot into the studio is a victory for me. I have been overwhelmed with grad school and homework. I am tired, cranky, and sometimes really don’t want to move from my couch. 🙁  What helps me to continue to stay motivated is knowing how I feel after I leave the studio! It could be my worst pole day ever, but just being there lifts my spirits.
I know you are not able to leave comments on this blog post, but I would love for you to share with me some of your small victories on the Facebook post!
Until Next Time