Aerial Dance has given me the strength both mentally and physically to do things I never would have imagined. I can walk into the studio with my head held high. I can walk into a studio full of beautiful, strong women, some I have never met but still greet me with a smile and a “how’s it going”. I truly enjoy how everyone is always so uplifting towards each other. They’re always cheering each other on when someone nails a new trick or a trick we have all been working hard to nail.

From my first class on the many different empowering women at Aerial have helped me conquer my fears of judgment. I always used to be afraid of joining a gym or fitness center. It had been so long since I was in shape or even knew how to properly work out. I was so scared of not being accepted or looking bad when trying to do thing that I would always back out.

I never had that negative, judgmental, pressure going to Aerial. I have always been welcomed with open arms. I am praised for my successes no mater how small they may have been and always pushed and cheered on to do more. It’s a comforting feeling not having to worry about a thing when I walk into a studio.

My first class I had such an amazing  instructor. I was exhausted, sore, kissed by the hoop as we say, but the next day I woke up feeling on top of the world. Like I had just accomplished the goal of a life time. I got through a 50min intense workout.

I was so impressed with myself. Not just because I made it through the full class, but because I had lifted my full body weight off the ground and into a hoop multiple times. I had never done anything like it and this was the first workout I had done on purpose since having my son. I felt like a super mom!

I now look forward to every class and learning the next cool trick. I have struggled for years trying to find what I always thought was impossible, but I found it at Aerial! The love, encouragement, strength, and patience these beautiful women show everyday is a total breath of fresh air. I 1000x over recommend anyone and everyone to try a class. Break from the norm of working out and try it out you will not be disappointed!

Join our community and get strong! Try Intro to Aerial or Intro to Pole today!