It’s the time of year where we all start thinking about our loved ones and what we can give them for the holidays. This year I challenge you to also think about the small businesses you love and to start your holiday shopping by thinking of what your loved ones could use from a business you love. Start with the company and then match the family member. Why? Because then you’ll increase your support of your local economy and help a business you love too.

When I shop I make a list of the stores I love and go to those stores first to see if something strikes me as fitting for someone on my list. And because I love the small business and my person I can almost always find something that suits someone I love at a place I love. My goal this year is to buy experience gifts (like museum and national park passes) or gifts from business in my local community. No amazon. No cyber shopping. Think if everyone set out with that goal for their holiday shopping; think how much money being spent in the next few weeks could impact your community or support a local business you treasure.

Do you know the difference it would make to Aerial Dance if all our members bought just one single class gift card for one person on their list. Just one and it would mean a Christmas bonus for my instructors and me not worried about how I’m going to make January rent after not having pole classes for the weeks over the holidays. And surely if you love Aerial Dance you want to share it with someone you love. Even better than giving a simple gift is giving a memory and taking a class with your loved one! Heck, go crazy, get a few single class gift cards or throw a party for your friends! Make the holidays bright for your loved ones AND all of us at your studio.

So where do you want to spend your money this holiday? Amazon? Or a place that supports your community and gives you joy? Where you spend your dollars is the clearest indication of what you truly support.