Well, Spring is in My Step Anyways!

In pole class this week, we worked on some really cool Flips and Walk Overs!!!!!! We worked on Lever Back Flip and Lever Walk Over. The Lever Walk over isn’t truly a flip, but looks like one if done fast enough. Through my years at Aerial Dance, I have learned that I am pretty afraid of dropping or flipping towards the floor. I don’t like to see the floor coming at me. It always feels like I am going to smash my face. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty fond of my face.
Back Flips for me on the other hand are not as scary. In the middle of the flip I already have my eyes shut before actually seeing the floor. Well to be honest, my eyes are shut throughout the whole flip.  Enough about me and my fears! Let’s talk Lever Back Flips!

Flip Inspiration

Two years ago, Instructor Leah performed at the Christmas Show. The song she danced to has slipped my mind, but what I do remember was she had a broken foot/toe. As she performed it was like watching a sunset ripple across a lake. So strong, so inspiring, so vibrant full of color! It is always an honor and privilege to watch her!
One move from her performance was forever engraved in my mind. It was the Lever Back Flip! The first reason I never forgot the back flip was she back flipped on a BROKEN TOE/FOOT! I couldn’t imagine the pain she must of felt! BUT! She continued to dance through the whole show! Talk about dedication! The second reason I never forgot it was the crowd went absolutely wild, myself included! Since then I have always wanted to learn how to do a Lever Back Flip!

Lever Back Flip

During Extreme Pole on Monday, we were given the opportunity to try this back flip! Watching Instructor Leah demonstrate was pretty awesome! We were given variations to prepare ourselves for the flip, but in the end when doing the back flip you had to give it 100%. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t make it over. It is certainly one of those tricks that you need a little extra encouragement! Being it my first time flipping, I needed Instructor Leah to spot me/be near me to be successful. Do you have any moves/tricks like that? Where you just feel much more comfortable with an instructor near you?
While doing the Lever Back Flip it is key to tuck up into this neat little ball……….Well videos at the end of class proved that the neat little balls we thought we were tucking up into were a myth….  Take a look for yourself. These are a few of my screen shots from flipping. My legs are flailing all over the place. I also whacked my ankle on the pole. Our pole class this week was full of trying new things, laughter, and growth!

The Lever Back Flip is a trick that you need to practice anywhere from 7 to 700 times to get. I feel that I have many tricks, spins, moves that fall under the 7 to 700 rule. So what is my take away from this weeks blog? Don’t be afraid to try! Most of all don’t be afraid to fail! It took me a good three or four attempts to flip before I even got all the way over!!!!! Even after I flipped over it still wasn’t a complete success. TAKE VIDEOS/PICTURES, they will help you on your journey! They help you see growth and help you to improve your art!
All aspects of the Aerial Arts have parts that may scare you. Step out of that comfort zone and grow into the beautiful aerialist you were meant to be!!!!
Until Next Time,