I took my first Fabric Foundation class Wednesday night. I thought that an activity with “Fabric” in the name would lend itself to a softer sort of aerial art. This is not the case. I would venture to say this is the most challenging, but the most fun, aerial art I’ve tried thus far!
The slightly slippery fabric bunches unevenly in your hands when you grab it, so it naturally challenges your grip strength. The fabric stretches down when you pull, so you pull up harder. It’s the most “fluid” apparatus I’ve worked with, and it’s natural instability asks for even more balance than I’m used to.
Despite the challenge, I had a blast. There were simple moves that just involved hanging out, but there were even more that involved wrapping and flipping. I posted the combination I was able to get in parts One and Two on Instagram! I caught some pictures of my epic struggle too.
This is the pinnacle, the final project, the whole purpose for flipping upside-down and then pulling really hard to get upright again (watch it)! Either way, I was thrilled to be in the move–finally!
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Getting out of the Gazelle (in above left) and into what I’m calling a Straddle Sit was a challenge. It’s in your best interest to unwrap your foot (you’re welcome, again). It makes life so much easier. I’m discovering this in the photo on the left.
I finally settled into the Straddle Sit. That look on my face–that is the look of victory. My inner voice was saying, “Heck yes, you’re a gosh darn winner. Boom, take that, Straddle Sit.” I’m a firm believer in positive self-talk, using whatever emphatic language suits you :).
I rolled down from my victorious Straddle Sit into this leg hang business on the right (see it in action in Gazelle Combo Part 2) . I am JUST the right height for this particular hammock—there’s just a faerie’s breath of space between my head and that floor. It’s good to be short!
Trying something new takes patience, but it also takes a sense of humor. I got stuck a couple times, and missed my transitions too! I spent almost the entire class frustrated, but laughing. What else can you do when you’re stuck hanging, wrapped in a hammock, and can’t get yourself down? Call out for your instructor, and laugh at your own misfortune! When you’re all done with class, you get to enjoy some time in your “Bat Cave.” I swear they could just leave me in there for hours 🙂 !
I always wanted to fly–now I can! So can you–come take a Fabric class with me?