It wasn’t so long ago I made the exciting decision to return to Aerial Dance to restart my aerialist journey! However it has not been without its struggles. Not even a week after I began classes, I came into close contact with a student at school, which meant that I needed to quarantine for two weeks. After quarantine I started out slow in my pole class, focusing on rebuilding the strength that I had lost from my year off. I was feeling good and feeling brave, so I decided to try the pose that we were learning in class.This pose was not new to me, my brain knew logistically what to do, but my body still needed help.  I of course had a spot, because we all know that having your instructor near is like a security blanket!

While getting settled into the pose, I needed to pull my knee to my chest to nestle the pole into my hip area  to secure myself on the pole. In my first attempt my hip flexor and lower back were like, “Hey Lady! We are not ready to move like that yet!” In my time off, I had lost so much of my flexibility, but I was so close to being successful! I thought if I give it just one more try I will have it! Well shame on me for not listening to my body! While working on it one last time for the night, I pinched my hip flexor and caused a huge knot in my lower back from twisting. Since then I have been trying to strengthen and work on flexibility in both areas. I did have to pause aerial classes for a bit, because my right lower back was so knotted up that bending over and twisting took my breath away. Aerial Tip # 1 LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

From working my way back from those minor injuries, I again came into close contact with a person who had COVID-19. Thus causing my aerial journey to have to pause once again. Here I am again pushing pause on my aerial classes! I could be mad, frustrated, or down right throw a fit with all of the curve balls that have kept me from pursuing my aerial journey! Truly at the end of the day, I know that Aerial Dance will still be there when all the chaos regulates itself a little. At times, it feels like I am spinning my wheels, but I have the gift of patience, determination, and a will to persevere. So for now, I will do my part to help stop the spread and finish out my quarantine. Thankfully I am healthy and it has already been 7 days.