Typically during a specialty workshop we charge extra for the work the instructor puts into the content they are bringing you. An instructor may teach anywhere from 1:30-3:00 minutes of choreography depending on how difficult. Speaking for myself, creating about 2:00 minutes of choreography can take 2-3 hours if I am feeling creative, sometimes days if I am not feeling so creative. This week I am teaching 3 separate routines! That is a lot of planning! During our online classes we have decided to offer up fun choreography for our students more frequently!

Why am I busting my butt to deliver something we usually charge as a specialty? Because I LOVE my students and I love seeing them happy! As a sisterhood we are strong and I will continue to bring amazing content to them not matter what the circumstance.

We are offering choreography from everything to Broadway style, to Jazz, to Hip Hop, and Burlesque. Come see us virtually and say “Hi” while learning awesome routines!