It’s Show Week!!!!! It’s a magical week of Sisterhood and Cheering!!!! Here are a few tips to help you get the most from Saturday.

PARKING: The parking lot will be full by 1pm. You will be parking on the street and walking. Likely walking a long ways.
!!!!DO NOT PARK AT THE BOWLING ALLEY NEXT DOOR or they will tow you. They are not supportive and will not welcome your car in their lot!!!! So park on the street and walk. HOT TIP – carpool. Have your people drop you off early. You and your crew don’t need six cars at Tanners.

ARRIVE EARLY! I cannot stress this enough. We fill Tanners. The show is sold out and most of the seats are general admission. There will be a line forming around 1:30pm for when the doors open at 2pm. Plan to wait in line and be at the show early. HOT TIP – Tanner’s has awesome food, arrive and do an early lunch and then you’re ready for the mad dash into the hall.

DO NOT SAVE SEATS! This is a friendly community. We respect each other. So we are going to all be kind and considerate and not save seats. When people arrive is when they pick their seat. It is not cool to cheat your sisters and have one person in line reserve a whole row. That is tacky. Don’t be tacky. When someone arrives, they select their seat.

FILL ALL SEATS! Please do not leave a seat between you and the group next to you. EVERY seat needs to be filled. Last year we had a few people standing because there were only middle seats and singles available. Please help us get everyone into a chair by not wasting any! When we ask 15 minutes before show if there are any open chairs, first don’t’ have any, but if there are, tell us so we can get everyone seated.

We start ON TIME! For real. I hate events that say they start at 3pm and wait until 3:15pm. Our show starts at 3pm. So at 3:01pm the first routine will start. Be in your seat by 2:45pm.

Be NICE. To everyone. We know you want to be in the front row dead center. But there is literally one chair there and 450 people with tickets. (Not to mention the photographer probably has it reserved.) So just remember that Aerial Dance is about sisterhood. A lot of people in the audience will be experiencing our community for the first time. So let’s all treat everyone with the kindness and respect that is vibrant in our community.