From the start of this messed up time period I have been confused about the term “social distancing.”

Social means: seeking or enjoying the companionship of others

Distant means: far away in space or not intimate; cool or reserved.

I for one do not want my enjoying the companionship of others to be cold and reserved! I want to ENJOY the companionship of others!!!! This term goes drastically against human nature. We WANT to be enjoying other people; we need to relate and interact with other people. 

From this day forward I reject the term “social distancing”. It is the wrong term for what we needed to be doing. Maybe the fact that we withdrew from human interaction is why there is so much hate in the world right now. More than ever we need to come together and find love and compassion. We need to build communities that care about the people in them. So from this day forward “social distancing” is dead to me, but because I care about my parents, employees and members “physical distancing” is alive and well in my life.

Physical means: involving bodily contact or activity

Doesn’t that make more sense? Bodily contact that is far away in space. Isn’t that what stops a virus? That is going to be what we focus on at Aerial Dance. ROBUST social interactions with physical distance. A community that seeks companionship and enjoyment in each other from a far away distance, that is what we are working daily to create at Aerial Dance.