Yesterday, in front of my fireplace I rested, early before sunrise, enjoying my warm coffee as the flames swayed and danced back and forth. I started to lull into my memories. My mind drifted to the studio,  my Sanctuary.  I began to smile because I was back. After an on and off again adventure from sustaining a knee injury and with the current pandemic, this feels wonderful. How has it been this many months… going from overflowing classes to home zoom classes using soup cans as weights to somewhat full classes with masks? So many familiar faces and so many new. I adore our community and am so proud. The morning sun starts to flow through the blinds, the rich coffee making me sleepier somehow, I drift further… I think of all the smiling faces of my students, friends and mentors. I reminisce of the giggles and shenanigans we’ve shared, to the joy of witnessing victories to the deep conversations held during bendy babes.  

The room starts to brighten, the day is beginning, my coffee is almost gone, a bit cold now. I think of how I miss “the before” just as I know many of you do too. Us unicorns that were here before remember these beautiful moments,  that now seem stolen from us due to the pandemic. Some classes seem quieter, especially with our newer unicorns. Those who havent, yet, had the chance to really get to know everyone. It’s not often,  but occasionally,  subtlety it’s there. 

I take a deep invigorating breath,  get a fresh lush cup of steamy coffee.  I always make extra, I happily risk being a little late to my day to take in one more moment of comfort. One more cup, one more minute to enjoy the sunrise and my musings. The room is quite toasty now, the cat lays in my lap and purrs. You know, we may not have our before or after class hallway conversations like previous,  nor be able to hug or jump on eachother…yet. We will get back to that, it may just take some patience and time. So I want to ask you all, especially those who knew “the before time”, to help our sisters, especially the newer unicorns know how special we all are. Let us look at eachother smile big and laugh and encourage. To steal a quote with a tweak: “And into the studio I go, to lose my sadness and find my strength.”