The saftey factor is also a way to help for the unknown. Is there a tear in the fabric you didn’t see and is now the difference between a safe landing or not? That type of thing is why a saftey factor matters. But you can make your space even safer by having procedures in place to check your gear. We do.¬†Everything we have has a procedure to check for saftey. For example, all our aerial hammocks are taken down after 10 uses. We have a “tally sheet” that any time a hammock is used the instructor marks it down. After 10 marks it is taken down, checked for holes and washed. This ensures that our fabrics are always clean and that any holes are detected early. If a hammock has a hole, it is retired. Our policy does not allow for repair with clear nail polish or some other weak stop-gap. It is taken out of service and replaced. Yes, it makes me grumpy every time I take a $200 hammock out of service for a hole smaller than a penny, but that is policy. That policy is in place for the saftey of our students and that is the most important.