The Christmas SHow is a FANTASTIC opportunity to practice what I preach….SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES! When you support a small business you put food on a table, give a kid dance lessons or in my case, pay back college loans! As a small business owner I say all the time that supporting a small business makes a big difference to your local economy. Sometimes there is a price difference but paying a little more means that your money is going to the business which will in then be able to purchase other things in your local area. Supporting small business means your money will come back to your local area and improve your local economy! That is a win for everyone.
Every vendor and item that we can purchase locally from a small business, has been!  The Christmas Show is costing over $5,000 to put on (I haven’t run the final numbers, I think it’s actually a few thousand more than that but let’s not stress me out!) All the money spent to provide an EPIC SHOW is also supporting a TON of other small businesses. So when you attend the show, not only are you supporting Aerial Dance and your dancer, you are also supporting the following businesses:
Tanners Grill & Bar – our incredible location!
Simple Simon Bakery – delicious cakes and cookies at the after party
Mirrorless Productions – videographer
Debbie Daanen Photography – photographer
Event Production Systems – Sound & Lights
Harrison Printing & Promotion – printed materials
Allegiant Insurance – event insurance
Stella Graphic Design – poster design